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  1. Corporate Fraudsters

    Are some of the UK's biggest corporate fraudsters now practically immune from prosecution?

    First broadcast: 21 Jul 2009

  2. RAF Safety Record

    Angus Stickler examines the safety record of the RAF in recent conflicts.

    First broadcast: 14 Jul 2009

  3. Public Protection

    Is Britain's system of public protection from violent offenders still among the best?

    First broadcast: 07 Jul 2009

  4. No-win, No-fee Lawyers

    Miriam O'Reilly investigates the no-win, no-fee lawyers who bring claims against the NHS.

    First broadcast: 30 Jun 2009

  5. Private Finance Initiative

    Michael Robinson asks if the Private Finance Initiative represents value for money.

    First broadcast: 23 Jun 2009

  6. Incompetence within the Learning and Skills Council

    Gerry Northam investigates allegations of incompetence in the Learning and Skills Council.

    First broadcast: 16 Jun 2009

  7. Causes of the Swine Flu Virus

    Julian O'Halloran investigates claims about the causes of the swine flu virus.

    First broadcast: 09 Jun 2009

  8. Preserving Jobs for British Workers

    Jenny Cuffe asks if the policy of preserving jobs for British workers is being undermined.

    First broadcast: 02 Jun 2009

  9. Badly Behaving Bankers

    Allan Urry investigates more claims of bad behaviour on the part of bankers.

    First broadcast: 26 May 2009

    Image for Badly Behaving Bankers Not currently available
  10. Who stole my house?

    Shari Vahl investigates the adequacy of safeguards to property rights in Britain.

    First broadcast: 31 Mar 2009

  11. Torturers in the UK

    Fran Abrams asks if Britain has become a haven for torturers.

    First broadcast: 24 Mar 2009

  12. The crisis in town hall finances

    Allan Urry reports on a crisis in town hall finances.

    First broadcast: 17 Mar 2009

  13. Concerns over Redcaps' role

    The record of the Royal Military Police in dealing with alleged crimes by UK forces.

    First broadcast: 10 Mar 2009

  14. Teachers in the dock

    Julian O'Halloran asks if school safety measures to protect children have gone too far?

    First broadcast: 03 Mar 2009

  15. Zimbabwe's sanctions busters

    Grant Ferrett investigates the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Britain and Europe.

    First broadcast: 24 Feb 2009

  16. The legacy of toxic lending

    Michael Robinson investigates the legacy of toxic lending by British banks.

    First broadcast: 17 Feb 2009

  17. Egypt and the Gaza Crisis

    The role played by Egypt and its President Hosni Mubarak in the Gaza crisis.

    First broadcast: 10 Feb 2009

  18. Counterfeit Drugs

    Allan Urry investigates the sale of counterfeit drugs to GPs, hospitals and chemists.

    First broadcast: 03 Feb 2009

  19. Using Surrogate Mothers

    Jon Manel on the increasing numbers of UK couples having children using surrogate mothers.

    First broadcast: 27 Jan 2009

  20. The UK's Insolvency Laws

    Julian O'Halloran examines Britain's insolvency laws.

    First broadcast: 20 Jan 2009

  21. 25/11/2008

    Michael Robinson investigates the rise in evictions and unemployment.

    First broadcast: 25 Nov 2008

    Image for 25/11/2008 Not currently available
  22. 18/11/2008

    Amardeep Bassey investigates the funding of projects to reduce Islamic extremism in the UK

    First broadcast: 18 Nov 2008

    Image for 18/11/2008 Not currently available
  23. 11/11/2008

    Simon Cox investigates how English football's finances have got into such a mess.

    First broadcast: 11 Nov 2008

    Image for 11/11/2008 Not currently available
  24. 04/11/2008

    Allan Urry investigates claims that the NHS is failing to deal with traumatised soldiers.

    First broadcast: 04 Nov 2008

    Image for 04/11/2008 Not currently available
  25. 28/10/2008

    Tim Whewell reports from Georgia on the origins of the recent conflict with Russia.

    First broadcast: 28 Oct 2008

    Image for 28/10/2008 Not currently available
  26. 21/10/2008

    Julian O'Halloran investigates the reasons behind rises in gas and electricity bills.

    First broadcast: 21 Oct 2008

    Image for 21/10/2008 Not currently available
  27. 14/10/2008

    Michael Robinson investigates the US lawsuits emanating from the global financial crisis.

    First broadcast: 14 Oct 2008

    Image for 14/10/2008 Not currently available
  28. 23/09/2008

    Allan Urry examines the case for linking animal cruelty with child abuse.

    First broadcast: 23 Sep 2008

    Image for 23/09/2008 Not currently available
  29. 16/09/2008

    Jenny Cuffe reports on a new and potentially fatal strain of the MRSA bacteria.

    First broadcast: 16 Sep 2008

    Image for 16/09/2008 Not currently available
  30. 15/07/2008

    Gerry Northam investigates the Colonial Development Corporation.

    First broadcast: 15 Jul 2008

    Image for 15/07/2008 Not currently available

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