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  1. 19/12/2014

    Listeners talk directly to the controller of Radio 4 about The Archers and budget cuts.

    First broadcast: 19 Dec 2014

  2. 12/12/2014

    Tom Mangold on establishment conspiracies and the BBC, and reality TV in the Moral Maze.

    First broadcast: 12 Dec 2014

  3. 05/12/2014

    Elan Closs Stephens on why listeners' views matter, plus behind-the-scenes of Home Front.

    First broadcast: 05 Dec 2014

  4. 28/11/2014

    PM's editor defends Buerk updates. And how funding changes may affect the World Service.

    First broadcast: 28 Nov 2014

  5. 21/11/2014

    Will You and Yours return to its full length? And Feedback in 60 seconds.

    First broadcast: 21 Nov 2014

  6. 14/11/2014

    Should BBC Radio be visualised? Plus how Radio 1's Newsbeat breached editorial guidelines.

    First broadcast: 14 Nov 2014

  7. 07/11/2014

    Rediscovering Hancock's Half Hour. And why some Archers addicts say they will switch off.

    First broadcast: 07 Nov 2014

  8. 31/10/2014

    Russell Brand on Start the Week. And will surround sound transform radio drama?

    First broadcast: 31 Oct 2014

  9. 24/10/2014

    Moral Maze's controversial trail and how could BAME experts change the sound of BBC radio.

    First broadcast: 24 Oct 2014

  10. 17/10/2014

    How best to pin down politicians? And what worries BBC Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper?

    First broadcast: 17 Oct 2014

  11. 10/10/2014

    More time to catch up on iPlayer, and Jarvis Cocker brings classical music to Radio 4.

    First broadcast: 10 Oct 2014

  12. 03/10/2014

    The Today editor on reporting tough foreign news, and debate tips from Matthew Taylor.

    First broadcast: 03 Oct 2014

  13. 08/08/2014

    World War I commemorations, The Archers' Carol Tregorran and the Scottish Referendum.

    First broadcast: 08 Aug 2014

    Image for 08/08/2014 Not currently available
  14. 01/08/2014

    Lyse Doucet on reporting from Gaza. And we question the Gardeners' Question Time team.

    First broadcast: 01 Aug 2014

    Image for 01/08/2014 Not currently available
  15. 25/07/2014

    What happened to BBC iPlayer? And was Moral Maze just a slanging match?

    First broadcast: 25 Jul 2014

    Image for 25/07/2014 Not currently available
  16. 18/07/2014

    Is BBC coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict biased? And what do news cuts mean for radio?

    First broadcast: 18 Jul 2014

    Image for 18/07/2014 Not currently available
  17. 11/07/2014

    Nigel Havers on WATO, comedy and cancer and eating on the radio.

    First broadcast: 11 Jul 2014

    Image for 11/07/2014 Not currently available
  18. 04/07/2014

    Debating climate change, Any Questions's slip up and is 5Live's Radio Bloke back?

    First broadcast: 04 Jul 2014

    Image for 04/07/2014 Not currently available
  19. 27/06/2014

    Why did BBC Radio ignore a 50,000-strong protest, and should the 'N-word' be banned?

    First broadcast: 27 Jun 2014

    Image for 27/06/2014 Not currently available
  20. 20/06/2014

    Radio 2 Controller Bob Shennan talks cutbacks. And was the UKIP coverage all too much?

    First broadcast: 20 Jun 2014

    Image for 20/06/2014 Not currently available
  21. 25/04/2014

    Your questions answered by The Archers editor. And did radio news go OTT on footie?

    First broadcast: 25 Apr 2014

    Image for 25/04/2014 Not currently available
  22. 18/04/2014

    Today editor Jamie Angus, BBC iPlayer radio app issues and the Daily Service.

    First broadcast: 18 Apr 2014

    Image for 18/04/2014 Not currently available
  23. 11/04/2014

    Radio 4's forum for comments, queries, criticisms and congratulations.

    First broadcast: 11 Apr 2014

    Image for 11/04/2014 Not currently available
  24. 04/04/2014

    Ruth Archer's miscarriage, Radio 4 Long Wave drops off air and Hitchhiking with John Lloyd

    First broadcast: 04 Apr 2014

    Image for 04/04/2014 Not currently available
  25. 28/03/2014

    Evan Davis vs Iain Duncan Smith, and why is Radio 3 in a box on the South Bank?

    First broadcast: 28 Mar 2014

    Image for 28/03/2014 Not currently available
  26. 21/03/2014

    Why did Tony Benn knock Rebus off R4? And John Finnemore on the final Cabin Pressure.

    First broadcast: 21 Mar 2014

    Image for 21/03/2014 Not currently available
  27. 14/03/2014

    Talking about BBC liberal bias with John Humphrys, and listeners get listened to in Wales.

    First broadcast: 14 Mar 2014

    Image for 14/03/2014 Not currently available
  28. 07/03/2014

    Bono! Bono! Or was it Oh No? And how much does Broadcasting House listen to listeners?

    First broadcast: 07 Mar 2014

    Image for 07/03/2014 Not currently available
  29. 28/02/2014

    Is Radio 4 trying to scare listeners senseless? And the scientist who moved you to tears.

    First broadcast: 28 Feb 2014

    Image for 28/02/2014 Not currently available
  30. 21/02/2014

    Anger over Today's science coverage. Plus, Brits who? We're at the Radio 2 Folk Awards.

    First broadcast: 21 Feb 2014

    Image for 21/02/2014 Not currently available

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