Wanted Down Under

Wanted Down Under

Series in which British families are given a look at life in Australia ahead of possible migration

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A life-changing decision

Every year, around fifty thousand British people take the leap and move to Australia or New Zealand in search of a better life. That’s roughly three Boeing 747 jumbo jets departing the UK every week full of people looking to make a fresh start on the other side of the world!

Australia and New Zealand are frequently ranked as two of the best countries in the world to live in. We're attracted by the promise of sun-kissed beaches, stunning scenery and an idyllic outdoor lifestyle down under. But the move doesn’t always work out – each year around a third of people who made the move return back to the UK.

So the decision to move 10,000 miles away to the other side of the world isn't one that can be taken lightly. For some, emigrating will mean giving up everything and everyone they love at home in the UK.

Then there are the unknown elements of life down under – will the finances work? Will securing a good job be possible? Is it really possible to achieve that dream house by the beach?

Weighing up the pros and cons of such a move means facing a massive dilemma.

Wanted Down Under helps families and couples from across the UK make this life changing decision.  In each episode, a couple or family are given a week long taste of what life down under could really offer.

They’re given the opportunity to compare work, property, lifestyle and the cost of living in Australia or New Zealand with that in the UK, before watching often heart – breaking messages from loved ones at home. 

Then, it's decision time as they face that life-changing moment - whether their future lies in the UK or down under.