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Bookclub Episode guide

  1. Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things

    Arundhati Roy talks about her Booker prize winning novel The God of Small Things.

    First broadcast: 02 Oct 2011

  2. Mohsin Hamid - The Reluctant Fundamentalist

    Mohsin Hamid talks to James Naughtie about The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

    First broadcast: 04 Sep 2011

  3. Donna Leon - Death at La Fenice

    Donna Leon talks to James Naughtie about her first crime novel Death At La Fenice.

    First broadcast: 07 Aug 2011

  4. William Fiennes - The Music Room

    William Fiennes talks to James Naughtie and readers about his memoir The Music Room.

    First broadcast: 03 Jul 2011

  5. Nicole Krauss - The History of Love

    Nicole Krauss talks to James Naughtie and readers about her novel The History of Love.

    First broadcast: 05 Jun 2011

  6. Andrew O'Hagan - Be Near Me

    Andrew O'Hagan meets James Naughtie and readers to discuss his novel Be Near Me.

    First broadcast: 01 May 2011

  7. Bill Bryson

    Bill Bryson meets readers to discuss his book A Short History of Nearly Everything.

    First broadcast: 16 Apr 2011

  8. Jennifer Johnston

    James Naughtie talks to Jennifer Johnston about her novel The Gingerbread Woman.

    First broadcast: 03 Apr 2011

  9. Benjamin Zephaniah

    James Naughtie talks to Benjamin Zephaniah about his novel for young adults Refugee Boy.

    First broadcast: 06 Mar 2011

  10. Tim Butcher

    James Naughtie talks to Tim Butcher about his bestselling book Blood River.

    First broadcast: 06 Feb 2011

  11. Howard Jacobson

    James Naughtie talks to Howard Jacobson about his comic novel The Mighty Walzer.

    First broadcast: 02 Jan 2011

  12. Sarah Hall - The Carhullan Army

    James Naughtie talks to Sarah Hall about her novel The Carhullan Army.

    First broadcast: 05 Dec 2010

  13. Claire Tomalin (on Thomas Hardy)

    James Naughtie talks to Claire Tomalin about her biography of Thomas Hardy.

    First broadcast: 07 Nov 2010

  14. Roddy Doyle

    Irish writer Roddy Doyle joins James Naughtie to discuss his novel Paddy Clarke HA HA HA.

    First broadcast: 03 Oct 2010

  15. Yann Martel

    James Naughtie talks to Yann Martel about Life of Pi.

    First broadcast: 05 Sep 2010

  16. Siri Hustvedt

    James Naughtie talks to Siri Hustvedt about her novel What I Loved.

    First broadcast: 01 Aug 2010

  17. Henning Mankell

    James Naughtie talks to Henning Mankell about Sidetracked, a Kurt Wallander novel.

    First broadcast: 04 Jul 2010

  18. Lynne Reid Banks

    James Naughtie talks to Lynne Reid Banks about her novel The L-Shaped Room.

    First broadcast: 06 Jun 2010

  19. Orhan Pamuk

    James Naughtie talks to Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk about his novel My Name is Red.

    First broadcast: 02 May 2010

  20. Jeanette Winterson

    James Naughtie talks to Jeanette Winterson about Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit.

    First broadcast: 04 Apr 2010

  21. Douglas Coupland

    James Naughtie and readers talk to Douglas Coupland about his 1991 cult novel Generation X

    First broadcast: 07 Mar 2010

  22. Clive James

    James Naughtie and readers talk to Clive James about the first volume of his autobiography

    First broadcast: 07 Feb 2010

  23. Alexander McCall Smith

    James Naughtie talks to Alexander McCall Smith about his novel 44 Scotland Street.

    First broadcast: 03 Jan 2010

  24. John Irving

    James Naughtie and readers talk to John Irving about his novel, A Prayer for Owen Meany.

    First broadcast: 06 Dec 2009

  25. Linda Grant

    James Naughtie talks to Linda Grant about her novel, When I Lived in Modern Times.

    First broadcast: 01 Nov 2009

  26. Gillian Slovo

    James Naughtie and readers talk to Gillian Slovo about her novel Red Dust.

    First broadcast: 04 Oct 2009

  27. Robert Macfarlane

    James Naughtie talks to travel writer Robert Macfarlane about his book The Wild Places.

    First broadcast: 06 Sep 2009

  28. CJ Sansom

    James Naughtie and readers talk to bestselling writer CJ Sansom about Dissolution.

    First broadcast: 02 Aug 2009

  29. Bernard MacLaverty

    James Naughtie and readers meet Northern Irish writer Bernard MacLaverty.

    First broadcast: 05 Jul 2009

  30. Kate Grenville

    Kate Grenville talks to James Naughtie about her novel The Secret River.

    First broadcast: 07 Jun 2009

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