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  1. 21/06/2009

    Topical farming magazine. Elinor Goodman visits a bison farm in Wiltshire.

    First broadcast: 21 Jun 2009

  2. 17/05/2009

    Adam Henson sees how England rugby veteran Julian White tackles life on his farm.

    First broadcast: 17 May 2009

  3. 10/05/2009

    Alex James meets Julian Hodge, a Devon butcher with a passion for meat and motorbikes.

    First broadcast: 10 May 2009

  4. 03/05/2009

    Beate Kubitz went from being a high-flying executive to a sheep farmer in West Yorkshire.

    First broadcast: 03 May 2009

  5. 26/04/2009

    Alex James visits Oxfordshire to see how pheasants are reared for game shooting.

    First broadcast: 26 Apr 2009

  6. Heavy Horses

    Elinor Goodman meets a Devon farmer who has swapped tractors for heavy horses.

    First broadcast: 19 Apr 2009

  7. 05/04/2009

    Sir Donald Curry shows Steve Peacock around his Northumberland farm.

    First broadcast: 05 Apr 2009

  8. Village Pigs

    Adam Henson visits the Marton Pig Club, which is raising 10 Berkshire pigs for meat.

    First broadcast: 29 Mar 2009

  9. 22/03/2009

    Chris Impey visits pig farmer and restaurant owner Sally Jackson in north Lincolnshire.

    First broadcast: 22 Mar 2009

  10. 15/03/2009

    Alex James meets some of the youngsters who visit Highfields care farm in Derbyshire.

    First broadcast: 15 Mar 2009

  11. 08/03/2009

    Elinor Goodman witnesses the end of an era for a family-run battery farm in Dorset.

    First broadcast: 08 Mar 2009

  12. 25/01/2009

    Elinor Goodman talks to a leading English pig farmer about bacon, slurry and foreigners.

    First broadcast: 25 Jan 2009

    Image for 25/01/2009 Not currently available
  13. 18/01/2009

    Alex James visits a flock of sheep that are famous for their milk rather than their wool.

    First broadcast: 18 Jan 2009

    Image for 18/01/2009 Not currently available
  14. 11/01/2009

    Alex James meets three brothers from Leicestershire who have inherited 80 acres of land.

    First broadcast: 11 Jan 2009

    Image for 11/01/2009 Not currently available
  15. 04/01/2009

    Matt Baker returns to the family farm in Durham and visits his dairy farmer brother-in-law

    First broadcast: 04 Jan 2009

    Image for 04/01/2009 Not currently available
  16. 28/12/2008

    Visiting the family that are keeping Alderney's farming tradition alive.

    First broadcast: 28 Dec 2008

    Image for 28/12/2008 Not currently available
  17. 21/12/2008

    Elinor Goodman examines the work that goes into producing the nation's Christmas trees.

    First broadcast: 21 Dec 2008

    Image for 21/12/2008 Not currently available
  18. Walna Scar Shepherds

    Caz Graham meets the shepherds and shepherdesses of Walna Scar in Cumbria.

    First broadcast: 14 Dec 2008

    Image for Walna Scar Shepherds Not currently available
  19. 02/11/2008

    James is in Norfolk to meet the third finalist of the BBC Farmer of the Year competition.

    First broadcast: 02 Nov 2008

    Image for 02/11/2008 Not currently available
  20. 26/10/2008

    Alex James visits the second of the three finalists in this year's Food and Farming Awards

    First broadcast: 26 Oct 2008

    Image for 26/10/2008 Not currently available
  21. 19/10/2008

    Alex James visits the first of the three finalists in this year's Food and Farming Awards.

    First broadcast: 19 Oct 2008

    Image for 19/10/2008 Not currently available
  22. 12/10/2008

    Adam Henson visits a Scottish family who moved to France to start a new life in farming.

    First broadcast: 12 Oct 2008

    Image for 12/10/2008 Not currently available
  23. 05/10/2008

    Steve Peacock reports on a farming family who are replacing their dairy cows with goats.

    First broadcast: 05 Oct 2008

    Image for 05/10/2008 Not currently available
  24. 28/09/2008

    Caz Graham meets a Cumbrian farmer who is producing beef the Japanese way.

    First broadcast: 28 Sep 2008

    Image for 28/09/2008 Not currently available
  25. 21/09/2008

    Adam Henson finds out how new ownership has changed the mountain landscape on Snowdon.

    First broadcast: 21 Sep 2008

    Image for 21/09/2008 Not currently available
  26. 14/09/2008

    Alex James visits the first farm to be hit by the Bluetongue virus last September.

    First broadcast: 14 Sep 2008

    Image for 14/09/2008 Not currently available
  27. 10/08/2008

    Alex James visits Norfolk to assess the state of this summer's harvest.

    First broadcast: 10 Aug 2008

    Image for 10/08/2008 Not currently available
  28. 03/08/2008

    Elinor Goodman visits the lavender fields of Kent.

    First broadcast: 03 Aug 2008

    Image for 03/08/2008 Not currently available
  29. 27/07/2008

    Caz Graham visits a farmer who is re-creating rare breeds of animals.

    First broadcast: 27 Jul 2008

    Image for 27/07/2008 Not currently available
  30. 20/07/2008

    Charlotte Smith visits a cooperative farm offering schoolchildren a learning experience.

    First broadcast: 20 Jul 2008

    Image for 20/07/2008 Not currently available

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