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  1. National Identity with Maajid Nawaz and Sir Christopher Meyer.

    Andrew Marr with Maajid Nawaz, Robert Chesshyre, Elizabeth Truss and Christopher Meyer.

    First broadcast: 02 Jul 2012

  2. The 'life unlived' with Adam Phillips and Helen Dunmore

    Andrew Marr with Adam Phillips, Julian Baggini, Helen Dunmore and Frances Ashcroft.

    First broadcast: 25 Jun 2012

  3. Science and Politics: Professor David Nutt and David Blunkett

    Andrew Marr with David Nutt, Mark Henderson, Jill Rutter and David Blunkett.

    First broadcast: 18 Jun 2012

  4. WWII with Antony Beevor and Max Hastings

    Andrew Marr with Antony Beevor, Max Hastings, Niall Ferguson and Juliet Gardiner.

    First broadcast: 11 Jun 2012

  5. Grayson Perry at the Charleston Festival

    Andrew Marr with Grayson Perry, Virginia Nicholson, Faramerz Dabhoiwala & Janice Galloway.

    First broadcast: 04 Jun 2012

  6. Thomas Heatherwick on design and architecture

    Andrew Marr and Thomas Heatherwick, Jonathan Meades, Anna Minton and Robert Macfarlane.

    First broadcast: 28 May 2012

  7. Michael Sandel on Money and Morality

    Andrew Marr and guests Michael Sandel, Diane Coyle and Grigory Yavlinsky.

    First broadcast: 21 May 2012

  8. Spain in Crisis

    Andrew Marr with Paul Preston, Maria Delgado, Daniel Hannan and Iain Begg.

    First broadcast: 14 May 2012

  9. The Digital Future

    Andrew Marr with Nick Harkaway, Anab Jain, Charles Arthur and Simon Ings.

    First broadcast: 07 May 2012

  10. Creativity: Jonah Lehrer

    Andrew Marr on creativity with Jonah Lehrer, Scanner, Rachel O'Reilly and Joanna Kavenna.

    First broadcast: 30 Apr 2012

  11. Iain Banks and David Hare

    Andrew Marr with David Hare, Iain Banks, George Benjamin and Rachel Seiffert.

    First broadcast: 23 Apr 2012

  12. China

    Andrew Marr talks about China with Jonathan Fenby, Martin Jacques, Ou Ning, Julia Lovell.

    First broadcast: 16 Apr 2012

  13. Peter Carey on Start the Week

    Andrew Marr talks to Peter Carey, Rebecca Stott and Philip Ball.

    First broadcast: 09 Apr 2012

  14. The 'death of socialism'?

    Andrew Marr with Alwyn Turner, Janet Daley, Tristram Hunt and Martin Rowson.

    First broadcast: 02 Apr 2012

  15. Werner Herzog on Start the Week

    Anne McElvoy talks to Werner Herzog, Geoff Dyer, Liz Mermin and Paul Farley.

    First broadcast: 26 Mar 2012

  16. Nobel Prize winning author, Nadine Gordimer

    Andrew Marr talks to Nadine Gordimer, Jack Mapanje and Richard Dowden.

    First broadcast: 19 Mar 2012

  17. Writers on Families: Colm Tóibín and AS Byatt

    Andrew Marr with Colm Toibin, AS Byatt, Will Eaves and Mark Pagel.

    First broadcast: 12 Mar 2012

  18. Middle Age: David Bainbridge, Deborah Moggach, Simon Armitage and Claudia Hammond

    Andrew Marr with David Bainbridge, Deborah Moggach, Simon Armitage and Claudia Hammond.

    First broadcast: 05 Mar 2012

  19. Faith and Doubt: Richard Holloway, Karen Armstrong, Jonathan Safran Foer and Helen Edmundson

    Andrew Marr and Jonathan Safran Foer, Richard Holloway and Karen Armstrong.

    First broadcast: 27 Feb 2012

  20. Ian Stewart, Peter Randall-Page, Mark Miodownik, Jane Rapley

    Tom Sutcliffe with Mark Miodownik, Ian Stewart, Jane Rapley and Peter Randall-Page.

    First broadcast: 20 Feb 2012

  21. Elizabethans: Max Hastings, Mary Beard, John Guy and Lola Young

    Andrew Marr and Max Hastings, Mary Beard, John Guy and Lola Young.

    First broadcast: 13 Feb 2012

  22. Conservatism: Peter Hitchens, Margot James, Douglas Murray and Thomas Frank

    Andrew Marr and Peter Hitchens, Margot James, Douglas Murray and Thomas Frank.

    First broadcast: 06 Feb 2012

  23. Revolution: Wael Ghonim, Paul Mason and Mary King

    Andrew Marr discusses revolution with Wael Ghonim, Paul Mason and Mary King.

    First broadcast: 30 Jan 2012

  24. Justice: with Simon Stephens, John Podmore, Shami Chakrabarti and Mike Hough

    Andrew Marr with John Podmore, Simon Stephens, Mike Hough and Shami Chakrabarti.

    First broadcast: 23 Jan 2012

  25. Financial Crisis: Philip Coggan, Angela Knight, Maurice Glasman and Detlev Schlichter

    Andrew Marr with Detlev Schlichter, Angela Knight, Maurice Glasman and Philip Coggan.

    First broadcast: 16 Jan 2012

  26. Austerity: Antony Gormley, David Kynaston and Anna Coote

    Andrew Marr is joined by Antony Gormley, David Kynaston, Anna Coote and Fintan O'Toole.

    First broadcast: 09 Jan 2012

  27. David Hockney Special

    Andrew Marr visits the artist David Hockney at his studio in Bridlington.

    First broadcast: 26 Dec 2011

  28. The Spirit of Christmas: Claire Tomalin, Susan Hill and Canon Giles Fraser

    Andrew Marr on the idea of Christmas with Claire Tomalin, Giles Fraser and Susan Hill.

    First broadcast: 19 Dec 2011

  29. 12/12/2011

    Andrew Marr with Mihir Bose, Julian Savulescu, Brian Moore and Janie Hampton.

    First broadcast: 12 Dec 2011

  30. Philosophy: Bernard-Henri Levy, Mary Warnock and Roger Scruton

    Andrew Marr with Bernard-Henri Levy, Baroness Mary Warnock and Roger Scruton.

    First broadcast: 05 Dec 2011

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