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  1. Teenage Kicks

    Profile of Patience Bush, who helps families combat their children's antisocial behaviour.

    First broadcast: 13 Sep 2007

    Image for Teenage Kicks Not currently available
  2. White Girl Running: Melanie Verwoerd

    The extraordinary political journey of a white Afrikaner woman who became an ANC MP.

    First broadcast: 06 Sep 2007

    Image for White Girl Running: Melanie Verwoerd Not currently available
  3. Son of a Preacher Man

    Darcus Howe, son of an Anglican priest, talks to others whose fathers were in the clergy.

    First broadcast: 30 Aug 2007

    Image for Son of a Preacher Man Not currently available
  4. Living with Birdie

    Birdie McDonald tells the extraordinary story of her life as a foster mother.

    First broadcast: 23 Aug 2007

    Image for Living with Birdie Not currently available
  5. Where Are You Really From?

    Journalist Tim Brannigan was told he was adopted. Later, he discovered the truth.

    First broadcast: 16 Aug 2007

    Image for Where Are You Really From? Not currently available
  6. The Tic Lady

    The Tic Lady: Fran Abrams finds out why people still opt to borrow from a doorstep lender.

    First broadcast: 16 May 2007

    Image for The Tic Lady Not currently available
  7. Daddy Dewick

    Daddy Dewick: Nana Anto-Awuakye recalls her rural upbringing with a white foster family.

    First broadcast: 09 May 2007

    Image for Daddy Dewick Not currently available
  8. Ethicists on Call

    Ethicists on Call: People who assist in the making of life and death medical decisions.

    First broadcast: 02 May 2007

    Image for Ethicists on Call Not currently available
  9. Classroom Babies and Beyond

    Britain has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Europe.

    First broadcast: 25 Apr 2007

    Image for Classroom Babies and Beyond Not currently available
  10. Political Interference

    Roger Bolton recalls a fierce but invisible Cold War battle.

    First broadcast: 18 Apr 2007

    Image for Political Interference Not currently available
  11. Never Too Late to Seperate

    Kim Normanton explores how to disentangle years of married life and how to start again.

    First broadcast: 05 Apr 2007

    Image for Never Too Late to Seperate Not currently available

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