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  1. Ancient horses; Uncertainty; How cutlery affects taste

    How 700,000-year-old horse DNA could change the way scientists study evolution.

    First broadcast: 27 Jun 2013

  2. MRC; Snails; Applause

    Quentin Cooper looks back at 100 years work of the MRC.

    First broadcast: 20 Jun 2013

  3. Digital spying; Dornier 17; Germination; Cheetahs

    Is there any online or digital activity that we can hide?

    First broadcast: 13 Jun 2013

  4. 06/06/2013

    Quentin Cooper is at the Cheltenham Science Festival.

    First broadcast: 06 Jun 2013

  5. Multiverses; Culture-driven Evolution; Lee Smolin on Time

    Observational evidence of universes beyond our own? Laura Mersini-Houghton and Lee Smolin.

    First broadcast: 30 May 2013

  6. 23/05/2013

    Why is Oklahoma so prone to tornadoes and what can residents do to protect themselves?

    First broadcast: 23 May 2013

  7. Quantum computer; Ancient water; Stem cells; Dambusters

    Scientists to have access to one of the world's most powerful "quantum" computers.

    First broadcast: 16 May 2013

  8. EU Science funding; Pear-shaped nuclei; Hyades

    What would happen to UK scientific research in the UK were to leave the EU?

    First broadcast: 09 May 2013

  9. Bees and pesticides; Heart gene therapy; Petal shapes

    The science behind the EU pesticide ban - will it protect bees? Quentin Cooper presents.

    First broadcast: 02 May 2013

  10. Bovine TB; Big Cat; Shark teeth

    The latest in the battle against bovine TB, as leading scientists meet with policy makers.

    First broadcast: 25 Apr 2013

  11. Iranian Earthquake; Zebrafish; Curiosity Rover

    Quentin Cooper on the remarkable zebrafish, the Khash earthquake, and driving on Mars.

    First broadcast: 18 Apr 2013

  12. Publishing, Turbulence, Evolution

    The future of open science? Fewer dusty journals, more research in the cloud.

    First broadcast: 11 Apr 2013

  13. Chemical weapons,Nuclear weapons,BRAIN,Foot and Mouth

    Are international treaties keeping up with new biological and chemical weapons?

    First broadcast: 04 Apr 2013

  14. Edinburgh International Science Festival

    Quentin talks about 'dangerous' ideas at Edinburgh's International Science Festival.

    First broadcast: 28 Mar 2013

  15. Planck, Elusive Giant Squid, Emotive words

    Adam Rutherford discusses new science results from the Planck space telescope.

    First broadcast: 21 Mar 2013

  16. Clay on Mars, Neanderthals, Cholera, Tapeworms

    Drinking water on Mars, big eyes in Neanderthals, cholera history and tapeworm genetics.

    First broadcast: 14 Mar 2013

  17. Deer, Herschel, facial contrast, potatoes

    Is a deer cull the solution to controlling ever-increasing numbers? With Quentin Cooper.

    First broadcast: 07 Mar 2013

  18. Junk DNA, mine fires, Homer

    Is junk DNA really rubbish? Scientists dispute recent findings about our genetic code.

    First broadcast: 28 Feb 2013

  19. Viruses; DNA: Identical Twins: Dark Energy,

    Why does a virus manage to infect us and make us ill so quickly?

    First broadcast: 21 Feb 2013

  20. Coronavirusl: Horsemeat: Blackbirds; DNA

    The new corona virus - has it really mutated to be able to jump between humans?

    First broadcast: 14 Feb 2013

  21. TB vaccine, satellites, Lake Ellsworth, Antarctic station

    Quentin Cooper looks at failures in science and lessons learnt in new TB vaccine trials.

    First broadcast: 07 Feb 2013

  22. High speed rail; Radioactive waste; Universe within us; Quantum Biology.

    High-speed rail; Radioactive waste; Universe within us; Quantum Biology.

    First broadcast: 31 Jan 2013

  23. Noise and plane design; Birdflu; Dogs; Mackerel

    How to design a new plane, bird flu, dog domestication and mackerel.

    First broadcast: 24 Jan 2013

  24. Smog; Exploding stars; Animal-free research

    Quentin Cooper looks at the smog in China, alternatives to research on animals, and novae.

    First broadcast: 17 Jan 2013

  25. Kepler; Arctic Drilling; Sexy Brain Regions

    Exoplanets, near-Earth asteroids, Arctic drilling and the most popular brain research.

    First broadcast: 10 Jan 2013

  26. Norovirus; Superheroes; Army underpants

    Winter vomiting, superhero physics and why military scientists design underpants.

    First broadcast: 03 Jan 2013

  27. Unsung heroes of Science

    Quentin Cooper and guests discuss unsung heroes of science.

    First broadcast: 27 Dec 2012

  28. 20/12/2012

    Unintelligent IQ tests, frozen Lakes, human life on Mars, and Santa stuck in a chimney.

    First broadcast: 20 Dec 2012

  29. 13/12/2012

    Science cash prizes, science in The Hobbit, and solving an archaeological hoax.

    First broadcast: 13 Dec 2012

  30. 06/12/2012

    How science can save boring climate talks and an interview with DNA pioneer James Watson.

    First broadcast: 06 Dec 2012

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