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Word of Mouth Episode guide

  1. Episode 6

    Michael Rosen continues the series exploring the words we use.

    First broadcast: 10 Sep 2007

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  2. Episode 5

    Michael Rosen continues the series exploring the words we use.

    First broadcast: 03 Sep 2007

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  3. Episode 4

    Michael Rosen continues the series exploring the words we use.

    First broadcast: 27 Aug 2007

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  4. Episode 2

    Michael Rosen debates the language of power and authority.

    First broadcast: 13 Aug 2007

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  5. Episode 1

    Michael Rosen explores teenspeak with a father and son dictionary team.

    First broadcast: 06 Aug 2007

    Image for Episode 1 Not currently available
  6. Speaking, Listening and the English GCSE

    Chris Ledgard host a discussion on speaking and listening skills and the English GCSE.

    First broadcast: 02 Sep 2014

  7. Is the Double Entendre in Rude Health?

    Arthur Bostrom examines the origins, colourful history and new era of the double entendre.

    First broadcast: 26 Aug 2014

  8. Talking About Cancer

    The writer Graham Joyce with a personal take on the ways in which we talk about cancer.

    First broadcast: 19 Aug 2014

  9. The Online Me

    Are we different online than in real life? Gemma Cairney asks Nick Grimshaw and friends.

    First broadcast: 12 Aug 2014

  10. How the Telephone Rewired Us

    Chris Ledgard explores the impact of the telephone.

    First broadcast: 05 Aug 2014

  11. Newspeak

    Chris Ledgard explores Orwell's dystopian vision of the future of language - Newspeak.

    First broadcast: 29 Jul 2014

  12. Message in a Bottle

    Chris Ledgard uncorks the subject of messages in a bottle.

    First broadcast: 22 Jul 2014

  13. Weighing Your Words

    Chris Ledgard investigates three situations where precise use of words is crucial.

    First broadcast: 15 Jul 2014

  14. Reader, I Marinated Him - the language of food

    Michael Rosen and guests debate the language of food, from Oliver's 'more' to cannibalism.

    First broadcast: 13 May 2014

  15. Words That Wound

    Words can be abusive, cruel and cause offence. Which is worse: online or face-to-face?

    First broadcast: 06 May 2014

  16. Time

    Michael Rosen asks what time is and explores the words we use to talk about it.

    First broadcast: 29 Apr 2014

  17. Scots

    Michael Rosen goes to Glasgow to hear about the Scots language with Sanjeev Kohli.

    First broadcast: 22 Apr 2014

  18. Social Register

    Do we change the way we speak according to the person we are speaking to?

    First broadcast: 15 Apr 2014

  19. Journalese

    Michael Rosen on the necessary evil of journalistic cliché.

    First broadcast: 08 Apr 2014

  20. Creating Characters

    Michael Rosen talks to writers about how character is created through language.

    First broadcast: 01 Apr 2014

  21. Talking Terrorism

    It's a word that can start a war. Michael Rosen explores the meaning of 'terrorist'.

    First broadcast: 28 Jan 2014

  22. How accurate are scientific metaphors?

    Is gravity really like a bowling ball on a sheet? Michael Rosen on scientific metaphors.

    First broadcast: 21 Jan 2014

  23. Office Jargon

    Michael Rosen and guests 'drill down' into the subject of office jargon.

    First broadcast: 14 Jan 2014

  24. Chimps and Language

    Chimps communicate but, asks Michael Rosen, do their utterances mean they use language?

    First broadcast: 07 Jan 2014

  25. Baby Talk

    Michael Rosen asks if baby talk benefits or hinders language development.

    First broadcast: 31 Dec 2013

  26. Kids TV

    Michael Rosen looks at children's television and its effects on language development.

    First broadcast: 30 Dec 2013

  27. Prime Suspects

    Michael Rosen and top crime writers on the changing language of the police interview.

    First broadcast: 17 Dec 2013

  28. The Rise of the Political Soundbite

    Chris Ledgard and guests discuss the art and efficacy of the political soundbite.

    First broadcast: 03 Sep 2013

  29. Language Laws

    Chris Ledgard looks at the laws surrounding language use, from libel to blasphemy.

    First broadcast: 27 Aug 2013

  30. Language Games

    Chris Ledgard mulls over the language and peculiarity of puzzles.

    First broadcast: 20 Aug 2013

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