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Afternoon Drama Episode guide

  1. Ambiguous Loss

    Michael Butt tells the story of the family left behind when a man goes missing

    Image for Ambiguous Loss
  2. The Brick

    In Jerusalem, Rasha discovers some home truths in Selma Dabbagh's story of family secrets.

    First broadcast: 13 Jan 2014

    Image for The Brick Not currently available
  3. Dead in the Water

    Friends Holly and Nicole suspect a murder plot upon overhearing a suspicious conversation.

    First broadcast: 10 Jan 2014

    Image for Dead in the Water Not currently available
  4. On Cigarette Papers

    By Pam Zinnemann-Hope. A poignant true love story starting in 1930s Germany.

    First broadcast: 08 Jan 2014

    Image for On Cigarette Papers Not currently available
  5. Hair of the Dog

    A witty and poignant drama special by Katie Hims, recorded 'as live' in a single take.

    First broadcast: 01 Jan 2014

    Image for Hair of the Dog This episode will be available soon
  6. Listening to the Dead

    By Katie Hims. Story of five generations, exploring the ties and quirks that bind families

    Image for Listening to the Dead
  7. National Velvet

    Enid Bagnold's classic tale about a young amateur girl rider. Dramatised by Peter Flannery

    Image for National Velvet
  8. The Christmas of Inspector Steine

    By Lynne Truss. It is Christmas 1957, but there is little cheer at the station.

    First broadcast: 23 Dec 2013

    Image for The Christmas of Inspector Steine Not currently available
  9. Helen

    By Virginia Gilbert. A journalist is accused of molesting his stepdaughter.

    First broadcast: 13 Dec 2013

    Image for Helen Not currently available
  10. The Morpeth Carol

    By Timothy X Atack. A young boy and a very strange Santa go on a Christmas road trip.

    First broadcast: 10 Dec 2013

    Image for The Morpeth Carol Not currently available
  11. Fearless

    Docudrama about an aspiring young journalist who decided to spend a week sleeping rough.

    First broadcast: 09 Dec 2013

    Image for Fearless Not currently available
  12. Kindness

    By Julian Poidevin. Happy family life is disrupted when Tom's son Simon comes to stay.

    First broadcast: 03 Dec 2013

    Image for Kindness Not currently available
  13. Lost and Found

    Ian Kershaw's tender and humorous play. A father and daughter explore memories of the past

    First broadcast: 02 Dec 2013

    Image for Lost and Found Not currently available
  14. Amah in the Bathtub

    Wives in 1960s colonial Singapore are partying, unaware of disturbing domestic problems.

    First broadcast: 27 Nov 2013

    Image for Amah in the Bathtub Not currently available
  15. Arlo

    By John Retallack. The love between a couple must be re-negotiated when a child arrives.

    First broadcast: 26 Nov 2013

    Image for Arlo Not currently available
  16. Lewis and Tolkien: The Lost Road

    From Middle Earth to Narnia, Robin Brooks's drama explores the two writers' friendship.

    First broadcast: 22 Nov 2013

    Image for Lewis and Tolkien: The Lost Road Not currently available
  17. Pilgrim

    Dark adventures by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, featuring immortal wanderer William Palmer

    Image for Pilgrim
  18. Two Pipe Problems

    Comedy drama by Michael Chaplin, with mystery-solving retired thespians William and Sandy

    Image for Two Pipe Problems
  19. Sorry, Boys, You Failed the Audition

    Comedy drama by Ray Connolly. A 'what if' story about the Beatles.

    First broadcast: 14 Nov 2013

    Image for Sorry, Boys, You Failed the Audition Not currently available
  20. The Icelandic Journals

    William Morris's trip to Iceland and the clash of friendship and love that lay behind it.

    First broadcast: 13 Nov 2013

    Image for The Icelandic Journals Not currently available
  21. Moving Music

    Artistic tensions surface as composers Philip Glass and Steve Reich share a day job.

    First broadcast: 08 Nov 2013

    Image for Moving Music Not currently available
  22. The Wainwrights

    Tom Wainwright's comedy-drama tells a cautionary tale about changing the radio station.

    First broadcast: 05 Nov 2013

    Image for The Wainwrights Not currently available
  23. Queens of the Coal Age

    By Maxine Peake. Four miners' wives occupy a coal mine to save 31 pits from closure.

    First broadcast: 04 Nov 2013

    Image for Queens of the Coal Age Not currently available
  24. The Man in the Lift

    A man is contracted to repair the lift in a tower block. Why does no one believe him?

    First broadcast: 18 Oct 2013

    Image for The Man in the Lift Not currently available
  25. Democracy for Beginners

    By Paul Dornan. Hannah needs a job. Her dad's up for town mayor. Can she run against him?

    First broadcast: 16 Oct 2013

    Image for Democracy for Beginners Not currently available
  26. The Organist's Daughter

    Only an arranged marriage will allow the great composer and organist Buxtehude to retire.

    First broadcast: 14 Oct 2013

    Image for The Organist's Daughter Not currently available
  27. The Octopus

    By Anita Sullivan. An exploration of what it means to be an octopus.

    First broadcast: 08 Oct 2013

    Image for The Octopus Not currently available
  28. Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk

    Leskov's searing classic Russian tale of passion and murder is an emotional rollercoaster.

    First broadcast: 04 Oct 2013

    Image for Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk Not currently available
  29. Imaginary Boys

    By Paul Magrs. A fantastical tale of teenage love and close encounters.

    First broadcast: 03 Oct 2013

    Image for Imaginary Boys Not currently available
  30. Nothing Happened

    By Nick Hoare. Tom and Alice agree that their affair can never happen.

    First broadcast: 02 Oct 2013

    Image for Nothing Happened Not currently available

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