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Afternoon Drama Episode guide

  1. Recent Events at Collington House

    A new head teacher battles with a governor over the inclusion of faiths and cultures.

    First broadcast: 07 Aug 2014

    Image for Recent Events at Collington House Not currently available
  2. Psalm

    Nick Warburton's lyrical story about a condemned man, saved by the words of a psalm.

    First broadcast: 06 Aug 2014

    Image for Psalm Not currently available
  3. Close Call

    By Sarah Weatherall. Changes come to the Watts family in 1969 with their first telephone.

    First broadcast: 04 Aug 2014

    Image for Close Call Not currently available
  4. I'm a Believer

    By Jon Canter. When God appears to Simon in a dream, Simon tells Him He doesn't exist.

    First broadcast: 01 Aug 2014

    Image for I'm a Believer This episode will be available soon
  5. Imagining Some Fear

    By Ellen Dryden. Haunting story about a woman's struggle to come to terms with the truth.

    First broadcast: 31 Jul 2014

    Image for Imagining Some Fear This episode will be available soon
  6. It Takes Two to Lie

    When Des takes Nabil hostage during an armed robbery, he is forced to confront the truth.

    First broadcast: 21 Jul 2014

  7. Strangers in the Night

    Georgia Fitch's play explores English actress Carol White's friendship with Sinatra.

    First broadcast: 17 Jul 2014

  8. Come to Grief

    Hannah Vincent's play about a woman trapped in both a mental and physical limbo.

    First broadcast: 15 Jul 2014

  9. The Great Squanderland Roof

    In Julian Gough's comedy, Stephanie Flanders meets a novel solution to the eurozone crisis

    First broadcast: 14 Jul 2014

    Image for The Great Squanderland Roof Not currently available
  10. Pact

    Two strangers. One goal. Drama by Tony Pitts. Original music by Richard Hawley.

    First broadcast: 11 Jul 2014

    Image for Pact Not currently available
  11. Farran at Bay

    Jerusalem 1947. A Jewish boy disappears. A true crime story that shook the British Empire.

    First broadcast: 10 Jul 2014

    Image for Farran at Bay Not currently available
  12. Here After

    Comedy drama by William Ash and Andrew Knott.

    First broadcast: 07 Jul 2014

    Image for Here After Not currently available
  13. Adrian Mole and the Blair-Mole Project

    Sue Townsend's comic take on Tony Blair's prime ministerial career.

    First broadcast: 04 Jul 2014

    Image for Adrian Mole and the Blair-Mole Project Not currently available
  14. Blurred

    By Frazer Flintham. Old university friends Nikki and Hannah meet up after a ten-year gap.

    First broadcast: 03 Jul 2014

    Image for Blurred Not currently available
  15. The Sum

    A dark love triangle by Lizzie Nunnery. Eve is forced to add up the cost of her happiness.

    First broadcast: 01 Jul 2014

    Image for The Sum Not currently available
  16. Who Cares?

    Social worker Phil falls in love with his client but is then accused of harming her child.

    First broadcast: 30 Jun 2014

    Image for Who Cares? Not currently available
  17. A Hospital Odyssey

    By Gwyneth Lewis. A contemporary version of The Odyssey set in an NHS hospital.

    First broadcast: 26 Jun 2014

    Image for A Hospital Odyssey Not currently available
  18. Hatch, Match and Dispatch

    Six quirky plays that start in a register office and end in a birth, marriage or death

    Image for Hatch, Match and Dispatch
  19. Brought to Light

    Student Katie struggles to come to terms with a devastating secret from her father's past.

    First broadcast: 23 Jun 2014

    Image for Brought to Light Not currently available
  20. Men Who Sleep in Cars

    By Michael Symmons Roberts. Following three men through one night in Manchester.

    First broadcast: 12 Jun 2014

    Image for Men Who Sleep in Cars Not currently available
  21. The State of Water

    A Welsh family is fiercely divided over the future of their sheep farm. By Sarah Woods.

    First broadcast: 11 Jun 2014

    Image for The State of Water Not currently available
  22. Dog Days

    By Justin Hopper. Poignant drama set in the world of independent greyhound racing.

    First broadcast: 10 Jun 2014

    Image for Dog Days Not currently available
  23. House of Fiction

    How Australian novelist Elizabeth Jolley created a fiction from real life, by Sara Davies.

    First broadcast: 04 Jun 2014

    Image for House of Fiction Not currently available
  24. A Night Visitor

    By Stephanie Jacob. A pig on the run comes to the rescue of an ailing marriage.

    First broadcast: 03 Jun 2014

    Image for A Night Visitor Not currently available
  25. Blown Away

    How does an ordinary family deal with the aftermath of a shocking and unexpected event?

    First broadcast: 02 Jun 2014

    Image for Blown Away Not currently available
  26. The Other Simenon

    Series of Georges Simenon novels dramatised by Ronald Frame

    Image for The Other Simenon
  27. Missing in Action

    Sam Troughton plays an ex-soldier mistaken for a lost hero, in Clare Lizzimore's thriller.

    First broadcast: 29 May 2014

    Image for Missing in Action Not currently available
  28. Original British Dramatists

    Discover ten new voices over ten afternoon dramas

    Image for Original British Dramatists
  29. The Sensitive: Underground Man

    Another case for Alastair Jessiman's psychic detective Thomas Soutar

    Image for The Sensitive: Underground Man
  30. Frank Zappa and Me

    In 1967, a young English secretary had a life-changing encounter with musician Frank Zappa

    First broadcast: 06 May 2014

    Image for Frank Zappa and Me Not currently available

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