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Ghost gazumping, Pre-pay energy meters, Super-rats

You and Yours Episode guide

  1. Renewing a UK passport abroad

    If you're a UK citizen living abroad, why are passport renewal fees twice as much?

    First broadcast: 23 Sep 2013

  2. Mobile phone upgrades

    Phone providers offer early upgrades more often. Why do we need them?

    First broadcast: 20 Sep 2013

  3. Housing minister Mark Prisk; e-cigarettes and advertising; season rail tickets

    Housing minister Mark Prisk talks about the future of housing in Britain.

    First broadcast: 19 Sep 2013

  4. GP surgery premium lines, social housing, human hair extensions

    More than 500 GP surgeries are using premium lines to receive patient calls.

    First broadcast: 18 Sep 2013

  5. Call You and Yours: Costing the NHS

    The NHS of the future. How would you renew and revitalise our health service?

    First broadcast: 17 Sep 2013

  6. The Red Tractor label

    The new tests to confirm the origin of British pork sold under the Red Tractor logo.

    First broadcast: 16 Sep 2013

  7. Fake solicitors; Paul Pester, chief exec of TSB

    The house buyers scammed out of the entire cost of their homes. With Peter White.

    First broadcast: 13 Sep 2013

  8. Ski resorts, dating apps, downsizing

    How will the next generation get on the housing ladder? With Winifred Robinson.

    First broadcast: 12 Sep 2013

  9. Wind Turbines, New Homes and Paperless Billing

    The wind turbines that pay out more for generating less. With Winifred Robinson.

    First broadcast: 11 Sep 2013

  10. Call You and Yours: The Property Market

    Julian Worricker takes your calls on the state of the housing market in the UK.

    First broadcast: 10 Sep 2013

  11. Housing, energy and Royal Mail

    Julian Worricker with special reports and live discussions about the future of housing.

    First broadcast: 09 Sep 2013

  12. Army wives' pensions; ultra HD TV

    Consumer news with Peter White. Including army wives' pensions and ultra HD TV.

    First broadcast: 06 Sep 2013

  13. npower boss, pet insurance and antique furniture

    Why sales of antique furniture are down, and the npower boss on customers' missing bills.

    First broadcast: 05 Sep 2013

  14. Forth Bridge, Mary Portas, Wine Glasses, Sat Nav Signs, Click & Collect and Unregistered Landlords

    As the Forth Bridge becomes a tourist attraction, what can Scotland learn from Sydney?

    First broadcast: 04 Sep 2013

  15. Call You and Yours: Immigration - Threat or Opportunity?

    Is immigration really hurting the UK economy as a poll this week suggests?

    First broadcast: 03 Sep 2013

  16. Delayed Flights, Email Hackers and Home Sprinklers

    Compensation for delayed flights after six years, and hunting down the email hackers.

    First broadcast: 02 Sep 2013

  17. Paying for internships; Is duty free good value?

    Consumer news with Peter White, including a best-before date for cycling helmets.

    First broadcast: 30 Aug 2013

  18. Smart meters, 5G, caps on mobile bills

    Peter White on smart meter opt-outs, 5G, and whether to take out student insurance.

    First broadcast: 29 Aug 2013

  19. Making cold callers pay, late-night drinking, and shops in phone boxes

    Peter White looks at the new charges on pubs and clubs that stay open after midnight.

    First broadcast: 28 Aug 2013

  20. Cashback, loyalty bonuses, golden 'hello' payments

    Big changes to current accounts, and dissecting where the money goes when you buy a CD.

    First broadcast: 26 Aug 2013

  21. Caravan MOT plans, mobile phone costs

    Stuart Flinders on plans for caravan MOTs and problems with mobile phone contract prices.

    First broadcast: 22 Aug 2013

  22. Green Homes, Broadband, Coconut Water

    Stuart Flinders visits new homes, learns about broadband deals and tastes coconut water.

    First broadcast: 21 Aug 2013

  23. Call You and Yours: Green Shoots?

    How confident do you feel about the economy? Consumer phone-in with Julian Worricker.

    First broadcast: 20 Aug 2013

  24. Corporate degrees, circus animals and Commonwealth Games tickets 19 August 2013

    How to get tickets to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. With Julian Worricker.

    First broadcast: 19 Aug 2013

  25. BT/Virgin deal; Raw milk; Council mis-spending; Alcopops

    The BT-Virgin Media deal over football rights, and should councils play at business?

    First broadcast: 16 Aug 2013

  26. 15/08/2013

    Chris Warburton looks at the latest developments in 4G and Gibraltar's travel problems.

    First broadcast: 15 Aug 2013

  27. Mediation, Smart meters, HIV home tests

    The latest on HIV home-testing kits. Consumer news with Chris Warburton.

    First broadcast: 14 Aug 2013

  28. Call You and Yours: Cycling

    How to make cycling easier and safer - Julian Worricker takes your calls.

    First broadcast: 13 Aug 2013

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