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Josh Archer

Josh is the elder of Ruth and David's sons.

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Played by: Cian Cheesbrough
Born: 13 Sep 1997
Status: Child
Occupation: School pupil
Lives at: Brookfield Farm

He's often to be found helping Ruth with the milking and also has a lot in common with his dad. They both loathe shopping and have a capacity to eat whatever's put in front of them.

As Josh got older, a distinct rivalry developed between Josh and his elder sister Pip.

Can I come and help in the workshop Dad? Josh Archer

  • Likes - Tractors, animals, football
  • Dislikes - Washing his hair; shopping
  • Highs - Getting a job helping with the Willow Farm hens
  • Lows - Being dropped as a friend by the older Jamie Perks

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Josh Archer

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