Freddie Pargetter

The Pargetter twins didn't have an easy start.

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Played by: Jack Firth
Born: 12 December 1999
Status: Child
Occupation: School pupil
Lives at: Lower Loxley Hall

Both born by Caesarian section because of their mother Elizabeth's heart condition, underweight Freddie was in special care for several days. As the twins entered their final year at Loxley Barratt Primary, Nigel conceded to Elizabeth's reluctance to send them away to boarding school. But it was tough for Freddie, as Nigel insisted that he and the more capable Lily be crammed for the exams for Felpersham Cathedral School.

After his father's death, Freddie threw himself into becoming the new Nigel - particularly where riding was concerned.

Shut up, Lily! I'm going to the Rare Breeds.Freddie Pargetter

  • Likes - Helping Jessica with the falconry
  • Dislikes - Lily teasing him
  • Highs - Getting a pony, Casper, for Christmas
  • Lows - The untimely death of his father


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Freddie Pargetter

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