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Donna Horrobin

Donna isn't the sharper scissor in the salon

Fact titleFact data
Played by: Alison Belbin
Status: Married to Keith Horrobin
Occupation: Receptionist (Hairdressers)

She certainly had no inkling that her husband Keith had been subsidising their comfortable lifestyle with the proceeds of crime.

When he was charged with arson and banged up, she found it hard to cope.  

I've had this letter from the mortgage peopleDonna Horrobin

  • Likes - shoes, new kitchens
  • Dislikes - responsibility
  • Highs - Samantha's no-expense-spared wedding
  • Lows - Keith being charged

Immediate family

  • Keith Horrobin (Husband)
  • Samantha Sweeting (Daughter)
  • Ash Sweeting (Son-in-law)
  • Tayler Sweeting (Granddaughter)
Donna Horrobin

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