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Clarrie Grundy

Long suffering Clarrie maintains a fierce love for all the men in her life.

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Played by: Heather Bell
Born: 12 May 1954
Status: Married to Eddie Grundy
Occupation: Dairy worker / occasional barmaid
Lives at: Keeper's Cottage
Works at: Bridge Farm / The Bull

They've each heaped upon her more than her share of trouble and heartache but she would still defend every one of them against all-comers.

Generous at heart, she's had to put aside her reservations about Emma and Nic, and accept that they make her sons Ed and Will (respectively) happy.

She works in the dairy at Bridge Farm but in the summer of 2011 she was mortified to be the unwitting carrier of E coli. This landed several people in hospital and brought her employer close to financial ruin. She resigned, but after several difficult months she eventually returned to the job.

Oh Eddie, don't bring them ferrets in here! Clarrie Grundy

  • Likes - Caring for grandson George, having an excuse to get dressed up now and again, anything French
  • Dislikes - The ferrets, most of Eddie's harebrained schemes
  • Highs - Her surprise trip to Paris with Eddie, Nic marrying Will
  • Lows - The bitter rivalry between Will and Ed, bringing E coli to Ambridge

Immediate family

Key relationships

Heather Bell

Heather returned to play the part of Clarrie in 2012, taking over from the retiring Rosalind Adams.

Heather Bell

Heather originally joined the cast in 1979, when Clarrie’s father Jethro Larkin took a job at Brookfield Farm and moved the family to Ambridge.

Heather has wide experience in radio, television and theatre, having worked in repertory companies all over Britain, in London’s West End and in playing many leading roles on television.

Her radio career began at drama school where she was a runner up in the BBC Carleton Hobbs Award for radio drama. She was later was cast as Mercy O'Callaghan, Tracy's au pair, in the long running serial Waggoner's Walk.

The part of Tracy was coincidentally played by... Rosalind Adams!

Clarrie Grundy

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