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Anthea Jennings

Anthea arrived at Amside Property Services at a troubled time

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Played by: Joanna Brookes
Status: Married
Occupation: Administrator

Mercurial Lilian Bellamy, trying to run the company without Matt or Brenda, found her methodical, painstaking approach hard to take. Even Anthea's insistence on set lunch times caused friction.

If you could start from the beginning, Mrs Bellamy...Anthea Jennings

Anthea may have irritable bowel syndrome. Lilian certainly has irritable person syndrome. But she gradually began to realise Anthea's worth, and was soon leaving her in charge of the office.

Matt and Lilian eventually agreed to offer her a permanent position - even though she scares the pants off Matt.

  • Likes - Order
  • Dislikes - Disorder

Key relationships

  • Ask Anthea

    No-nonsense advice from Amside’s super-temp-cum-agony-aunt: “…Dear Stablegirl, I think you need to take a hard look at yourself and decide why you want to interfere in this man’s life...”

Anthea Jennings

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