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The Archers Omnibus Episode guide

  1. 07/11/2010

    Jolene shares her concerns and Lynda does some creative thinking.

    First broadcast: 07 Nov 2010

    Image for 07/11/2010 Not currently available
  2. 31/10/2010

    Harry's new flatmate is causing problems and Lynda fights for her cause.

    First broadcast: 31 Oct 2010

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  3. 24/10/2010

    Things get heated at Grange Farm and Kenton thinks he's blown it.

    First broadcast: 24 Oct 2010

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  4. 17/10/2010

    Kate has thoughts of home and Vicky means business.

    First broadcast: 17 Oct 2010

    Image for 17/10/2010 Not currently available
  5. 10/10/2010

    Things take a surprising turn for Jill and Jamie makes his presence felt.

    First broadcast: 10 Oct 2010

    Image for 10/10/2010 Not currently available
  6. 03/10/2010

    There's an unpleasant encounter for Kenton, and Hayley's blood is boiling.

    First broadcast: 03 Oct 2010

    Image for 03/10/2010 Not currently available
  7. 26/09/2010

    Kate lives up to expectations, and Kenton finds a new friend.

    First broadcast: 26 Sep 2010

    Image for 26/09/2010 Not currently available
  8. 19/09/2010

    Fallon's friends rally round and Nigel and Kenton enjoy a riotous night out.

    First broadcast: 19 Sep 2010

    Image for 19/09/2010 Not currently available
  9. 12/09/2010

    Matt sets the cat amongst the pigeons and there's a new crisis for Kathy to handle.

    First broadcast: 12 Sep 2010

    Image for 12/09/2010 Not currently available
  10. 05/09/2010

    Nigel comes to a decision and Robert exacts an ingenious revenge.

    First broadcast: 05 Sep 2010

    Image for 05/09/2010 Not currently available
  11. 29/08/2010

    Susan's determined to impress and and Elizabeth makes a confession.

    First broadcast: 29 Aug 2010

    Image for 29/08/2010 Not currently available
  12. 22/08/2010

    Kenton makes a breakthrough, and who is the mysterious visitor at Rickyard Cottage?

    First broadcast: 22 Aug 2010

    Image for 22/08/2010 Not currently available
  13. 15/08/2010

    There are tensions on Lakey Hill and news spreads fast in Ambridge.

    First broadcast: 15 Aug 2010

    Image for 15/08/2010 Not currently available
  14. 08/08/2010

    Jamie stands his ground, and it's Ambridge versus New Zealand at Brookfield.

    First broadcast: 08 Aug 2010

    Image for 08/08/2010 Not currently available
  15. 01/08/2010

    There are mysterious goings-on at the village fete and Kathy makes an unwelcome discovery.

    First broadcast: 01 Aug 2010

    Image for 01/08/2010 Not currently available
  16. 25/07/2010

    The week's events in Ambridge.

    First broadcast: 25 Jul 2010

    Image for 25/07/2010 Not currently available
  17. 18/07/2010

    Jamie's feeling the pressure and Phoebe can't believe her luck.

    First broadcast: 18 Jul 2010

    Image for 18/07/2010 Not currently available
  18. 11/07/2010

    Reality bites for Pip and Fallon calls in reinforcements.

    First broadcast: 11 Jul 2010

    Image for 11/07/2010 Not currently available
  19. 04/07/2010

    Jamie wants a little less conversation and Jolene has a lot on her mind.

    First broadcast: 04 Jul 2010

    Image for 04/07/2010 Not currently available
  20. 27/06/2010

    Everything's changed for Fallon, and Pip drops a bombshell.

    First broadcast: 27 Jun 2010

    Image for 27/06/2010 Not currently available
  21. 20/06/2010

    Victory is sweet for Brian, and Pip has a surprise for Jude.

    First broadcast: 20 Jun 2010

    Image for 20/06/2010 Not currently available
  22. 13/06/2010

    There's an unexpected phone call at the Bull and Kenton's loyalties are torn.

    First broadcast: 13 Jun 2010

    Image for 13/06/2010 Not currently available
  23. 06/06/2010

    Fallon has her hands full and Helen finds a confidante.

    First broadcast: 06 Jun 2010

    Image for 06/06/2010 Not currently available
  24. 30/05/2010

    Matt has a lot he wants to say to Paul, and Pip makes a mistake.

    First broadcast: 30 May 2010

    Image for 30/05/2010 Not currently available
  25. 23/05/2010

    Brenda adjusts to a part-time relationship, and it's home, sweet home, for Matt.

    First broadcast: 23 May 2010

    Image for 23/05/2010 Not currently available
  26. 16/05/2010

    Jennifer suspects Paul's motives, and Helen takes a significant baby step.

    First broadcast: 16 May 2010

    Image for 16/05/2010 Not currently available
  27. 09/05/2010

    Oliver ensures that Joe pays his dues, and Jennifer finds Paul closer to home.

    First broadcast: 09 May 2010

    Image for 09/05/2010 Not currently available
  28. 02/05/2010

    Lilian shows she can keep a secret, and Helen takes some baby steps at Bridge Farm.

    First broadcast: 02 May 2010

    Image for 02/05/2010 Not currently available
  29. 25/04/2010

    Pip plays a dangerous game, and Tony hopes Cupid will hit the mark at Bridge Farm.

    First broadcast: 25 Apr 2010

    Image for 25/04/2010 Not currently available
  30. 18/04/2010

    Jazzer turns sour on Harry's milk round, and Pip has an exercise in duplicity.

    First broadcast: 18 Apr 2010

    Image for 18/04/2010 Not currently available

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