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  1. Harmony

    Mark Tully appreciates harmony in the company of pianist and composer David Owen Norris.

    First broadcast: 17 Nov 2013

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  2. Artificial Soul

    Could a robot have a soul? John McCarthy speaks to experts in artificial intelligence.

    First broadcast: 10 Nov 2013

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  3. Transformation

    Mark Tully draws on a Russian folk tale to explore the theme of transformation.

    First broadcast: 03 Nov 2013

    Image for Transformation Not currently available
  4. Gold

    Writer Lucy Mangan reflects on the value and the meanings we invest in gold.

    First broadcast: 27 Oct 2013

    Image for Gold Not currently available
  5. Wine

    Mark Tully uncorks a bottle with the Bishop of Brighton to consider the symbolism of wine.

    First broadcast: 20 Oct 2013

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  6. Peeling the Dragon Skin

    John McCarthy considers the benefits and drawbacks of having a tough hide.

    First broadcast: 13 Oct 2013

    Image for Peeling the Dragon Skin Not currently available
  7. Neighbours

    John McCarthy considers the relationships we have with those we live alongside.

    First broadcast: 06 Oct 2013

    Image for Neighbours Not currently available
  8. The Boundaries of Religion: Part 2

    Mark Tully concludes his exploration of the relationship between reason and religion.

    First broadcast: 29 Sep 2013

    Image for The Boundaries of Religion: Part 2 Not currently available
  9. The Boundaries of Reason: Part 1

    Mark Tully questions the apparent conflict between religion and reason.

    First broadcast: 22 Sep 2013

    Image for The Boundaries of Reason: Part 1 Not currently available
  10. Seeking Eurydice

    Jo Fidgen goes in search of an afterlife that even an atheist can believe in.

    First broadcast: 15 Sep 2013

    Image for Seeking Eurydice Not currently available
  11. Faith in Numbers

    John McCarthy explores the potential of numbers to both comfort and inspire.

    First broadcast: 08 Sep 2013

    Image for Faith in Numbers Not currently available
  12. Mending Cracks with Gold

    Celebrating damage - learning from kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery.

    First broadcast: 01 Sep 2013

    Image for Mending Cracks with Gold Not currently available
  13. Anger

    Llewellyn Morgan reflects on the not always negative nature of anger.

    First broadcast: 25 Aug 2013

    Image for Anger Not currently available
  14. Why do we have to get richer?

    Mark Tully questions the pursuit of economic growth at all costs.

    First broadcast: 18 Aug 2013

    Image for Why do we have to get richer? Not currently available
  15. Learning to Be Human

    'Gorillas taught me to be human.' John McCarthy explores unusual paths to humanity.

    First broadcast: 11 Aug 2013

    Image for Learning to Be Human Not currently available
  16. Heat

    Mark Tully considers the metaphorical and spiritual significance of heat.

    First broadcast: 04 Aug 2013

    Image for Heat Not currently available
  17. Stewardship

    Mark Tully discusses ideas of stewardship and our responsibility to future generations.

    First broadcast: 28 Jul 2013

    Image for Stewardship Not currently available
  18. Desire

    Sarah Cuddon reflects on the nature of desire.

    First broadcast: 21 Jul 2013

    Image for Desire Not currently available
  19. Procrastination

    Samira Ahmed considers whether procrastination is always such a bad thing.

    First broadcast: 14 Jul 2013

    Image for Procrastination Not currently available
  20. Keeping the Past Alive

    Samira Ahmed considers the value of re-examining the past.

    First broadcast: 07 Jul 2013

    Image for Keeping the Past Alive Not currently available
  21. Holy Verses

    Mark Tully asks if the term 'religious poetry' is restrictive or helpful.

    First broadcast: 30 Jun 2013

    Image for Holy Verses Not currently available
  22. Vanishing Point

    Writer and broadcaster Jude Rogers explores the desire to run away and disappear.

    First broadcast: 23 Jun 2013

    Image for Vanishing Point Not currently available
  23. Holding Hands

    John McCarthy considers the significance of holding hands as an act of trust and love.

    First broadcast: 16 Jun 2013

    Image for Holding Hands Not currently available
  24. Seeing God

    Mark Tully examines the nature of religious visions and visionaries.

    First broadcast: 09 Jun 2013

    Image for Seeing God Not currently available
  25. Walking a Mile in Another Man's Shoes

    Mark Tully examines the place of empathy in politics, religion, medicine and the arts.

    First broadcast: 02 Jun 2013

    Image for Walking a Mile in Another Man's Shoes Not currently available
  26. Endings and Beginnings

    Marie-Louise Muir reflects on the mysteries of the creative process.

    First broadcast: 26 May 2013

    Image for Endings and Beginnings Not currently available
  27. When Certainties Are Shaken

    Samira Ahmed asks what we do when new revelations throw our past convictions into doubt.

    First broadcast: 19 May 2013

    Image for When Certainties Are Shaken Not currently available
  28. The Greatest of These Is Love?

    John McCarthy considers the centrality of love in our lives. With writer Salley Vickers.

    First broadcast: 12 May 2013

    Image for The Greatest of These Is Love? Not currently available
  29. Debt

    Against a background of economic insecurity, Mark Tully discusses the moral side to debt.

    First broadcast: 05 May 2013

    Image for Debt Not currently available
  30. Escapism

    Art historian James Fox considers why there seems to be a human need to escape.

    First broadcast: 28 Apr 2013

    Image for Escapism Not currently available

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