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  1. Together Alone

    The Scottish poet Kenneth Steven reflects on how solitude refreshes the human spirit.

    First broadcast: 02 Nov 2008

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  2. Because of the Fire

    Jane Ray reflects on moments and chance encounters which can prove to be life changing.

    First broadcast: 26 Oct 2008

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  3. Tradition and Reform

    Mark Tully considers the tensions between traditionalists and reformers in all faiths.

    First broadcast: 19 Oct 2008

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  4. Family Ties

    Mark Tully reflects on how family relationships and responsibilities change over time.

    First broadcast: 12 Oct 2008

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  5. Tomorrow

    Llewellyn Morgan explores how attitudes towards tomorrow reflect our fear of the unknown.

    First broadcast: 05 Oct 2008

    Image for Tomorrow Not currently available
  6. Freely Given

    Mark Tully explores the notion of a gift culture.

    First broadcast: 28 Sep 2008

    Image for Freely Given Not currently available
  7. Harvest Festival

    Mark Tully and Prof Michael Northcott discuss food production and consumption.

    First broadcast: 21 Sep 2008

    Image for Harvest Festival Not currently available
  8. A Sense of Home

    Andrew Motion revisits the village where he spent the first nineteen years of his life.

    First broadcast: 14 Sep 2008

    Image for A Sense of Home Not currently available
  9. Resisting the Tug

    Mark Tully talks to Simon Small about the importance of the lost art of contemplation.

    First broadcast: 07 Sep 2008

    Image for Resisting the Tug Not currently available
  10. Do you See what I See?

    Mike Wooldridge and Prof Raymond Tallis explore the nature of human perception.

    First broadcast: 31 Aug 2008

    Image for Do you See what I See? Not currently available
  11. East/West

    Jonathan Charles reflects on whether travel really does broaden the mind.

    First broadcast: 24 Aug 2008

    Image for East/West Not currently available
  12. Stacks of Wisdom

    Mark Tully celebrates libraries.

    First broadcast: 17 Aug 2008

    Image for Stacks of Wisdom Not currently available
  13. The Puritan Gift

    Mark Tully talks to author Will Hopper about the origins of the Puritan work ethic.

    First broadcast: 10 Aug 2008

    Image for The Puritan Gift Not currently available
  14. Ambition

    Mark Tully asks whether ambition can be detrimental to spiritual growth.

    First broadcast: 03 Aug 2008

    Image for Ambition Not currently available
  15. Nor Any Drop

    Madeleine Bunting explores our relationship with water - practical, cultural and spiritual

    First broadcast: 27 Jul 2008

    Image for Nor Any Drop Not currently available
  16. Ageing Well

    Mark Tully considers the wisdom that comes with age and talks to Sr Pia Buxton CJ.

    First broadcast: 20 Jul 2008

    Image for Ageing Well Not currently available
  17. Francis, the Saint Whose Time Has Come

    Mike Wooldridge visits the unique Franciscan community at Hilfield in Dorset.

    First broadcast: 13 Jul 2008

    Image for Francis, the Saint Whose Time Has Come Not currently available
  18. Limbo

    Limbo: Mark Tully considers the state of limbo, where time can seem to stand still.

    First broadcast: 06 Jul 2008

    Image for Limbo Not currently available
  19. The Second Coming

    Judith French considers why almost every culture has a legend of a second coming.

    First broadcast: 29 Jun 2008

    Image for The Second Coming Not currently available
  20. All the Rage

    Mark Tully asks why are so many of us so angry all the time.

    First broadcast: 22 Jun 2008

    Image for All the Rage Not currently available
  21. Downsizing

    Mark Tully considers how we deal with enforced downsizing through financial necessity.

    First broadcast: 15 Jun 2008

    Image for Downsizing Not currently available
  22. 08/06/2008

    Mike Wooldridge reflects on the first hour or so after dawn across the globe.

    First broadcast: 08 Jun 2008

    Image for 08/06/2008 Not currently available
  23. The Chalice of Being

    Mark Tully explores former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold's exhortation.

    First broadcast: 01 Jun 2008

    Image for The Chalice of Being Not currently available
  24. Committees

    Mark Tully asks whether committees are good or bad for us.

    First broadcast: 25 May 2008

    Image for Committees Not currently available
  25. The Animal Inside

    Christie Dickason reflects on that magical world where humans lived as equals with animals

    First broadcast: 18 May 2008

    Image for The Animal Inside Not currently available
  26. One Foot in Front

    Mark Tully considers the potentially subversive nature of walking.

    First broadcast: 11 May 2008

    Image for One Foot in Front Not currently available
  27. To Change or Not to Change

    Mark Tully explores the difference between changing and adapting.

    First broadcast: 04 May 2008

    Image for To Change or Not to Change Not currently available
  28. View from Above

    Felicity Finch reflects on the space above us and the heights we strive to reach.

    First broadcast: 27 Apr 2008

    Image for View from Above Not currently available
  29. Roots and Wings

    Mark Tully considers the most important gifts that parents can bestow upon their children.

    First broadcast: 20 Apr 2008

    Image for Roots and Wings Not currently available
  30. The Past Is a Foreign Country

    Mark Tully considers how we look back on the past.

    First broadcast: 13 Apr 2008

    Image for The Past Is a Foreign Country Not currently available

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