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Good morning.  Come Halloween, you ever wonder what happened to the child in us?

The inner child who used to be capable of

Wide-eyed wonder

And brave trust….?


Do you remember when we

were once pioneers and adventurers

Now, more often, we’re concerned with safety- caution, suspicion:


There used to be a restlessness –

 now there is complacency.


Time was we were hungry for ideas

now we are resistant to change, afraid of innovation.


Then it was asking all the questions – thousands of questions …

Now it’s knowing all the answers.


Where did it go.. how did it happen

Where are the children we were?

Where are we?


Once it was child-like trust

–now it’s cynicism - and a pride that won’t bend.

It used to be love, open arms, generous eager hugs

Now it’s fear of being hurt and a pride that won’t submit.


Then, our imagination ran free – now, the vision is jaded and jaundiced.

What has happened?

How did it get like this? How did we get like this?


Once there was a kind of intuitive feel for spiritual things, an openness to something beyond ourselves -

Now there are structures, and rigidity and the formalities of religion.

Time was there was no agenda

Now there is a whole raft of agendas…

Then there was awe and wonder –

 now it’s routine and taking it all for granted


We lose a lot when we silence our inner child…


But all is not lost - we can rediscover that spontaneity, that willingness to try new things, explore the unknown.


It just takes a shift of emphasis – a wee change of direction. It’s not about how old you are on the outside –but how alive you are in the inside!


Lord, show me what you meant about becoming like a little child.

And finding your kingdom when I do.



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