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The Bumblebees’ Lament - a poem by listener Gordon Ashley

It was a day for bees and birds

that was suddenly interrupted.

Birds had sung when the sun broke through,

innocent and uncorrupted.

Bumble bees buzzed low music

as they flit among the clover

until, abruptly, machines barged in,

rendering their picnic over.


Like tanks wreaking havoc,

the mowers descended,

lopping white-flower clover

and gaudy buttercups undefended.


And, so lawns are again neat

– all manicured and sweet –

but crusty nature frowns aghast

and the sun hides its face

as the bees reconnoitre the blast

at their chosen place,

now devastated – to their surprise

by routine human ingenuity

and well-practiced enterprise.


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