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Saturday Drama Episode guide

  1. The Confessions of Caminada

    Drama based on a case from the memoirs a real-life detective in 19th-century Manchester.

    First broadcast: 12 Oct 2013

    Image for The Confessions of Caminada Not currently available
  2. Calum's Road

    Drama based on the true story of one Raasay man's road-building feat. Ian McDiarmid stars.

    First broadcast: 05 Oct 2013

    Image for Calum's Road Not currently available
  3. Rumours

    By Colin Shindler. Private Eye, the Profumo Affair and the end of a British Government.

    First broadcast: 21 Sep 2013

    Image for Rumours Not currently available
  4. For Services Rendered

    Written in 1932, Somerset Maugham's state-of-the-nation drama about an English family.

    First broadcast: 07 Sep 2013

    Image for For Services Rendered Not currently available
  5. Jake Liebowitz: A Life in Film

    Charting the auteur film director's long career following his mysterious disappearance.

    First broadcast: 10 Aug 2013

    Image for Jake Liebowitz: A Life in Film Not currently available
  6. Suspicion for 10 Voices

    Composer Will Byrd is charged with coding papist messages in the music of the Chapel Royal

    First broadcast: 22 Jun 2013

    Image for Suspicion for 10 Voices Not currently available
  7. The Weather Girl

    A psychologist sent to assess a female prisoner is plunged into a disturbing amoral world.

    First broadcast: 08 Jun 2013

    Image for The Weather Girl Not currently available
  8. The Letter of Last Resort

    David Greig's darkly comic play satirising the British position on nuclear deterrents.

    First broadcast: 01 Jun 2013

    Image for The Letter of Last Resort Not currently available
  9. The Prince

    Damian Lewis stars as Niccolo Machiavelli - in the dock for his most provocative of books.

    First broadcast: 25 May 2013

    Image for The Prince Not currently available
  10. The Last Tycoon

    Bill Bryden adapts F Scott Fitzgerald's haunting portrait of 1930s Hollywood.

    First broadcast: 18 May 2013

    Image for The Last Tycoon Not currently available

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  11. The Diary of Samuel Pepys - Fire of London

    On Pudding Lane, the King's baker goes to bed, unaware that his oven is still alight.

    First broadcast: 11 May 2013

    Image for The Diary of Samuel Pepys - Fire of London Not currently available
  12. Love, etc

    Julian Barnes's absorbing tale of betrayal and revenge wrapped within humour and despair.

    First broadcast: 04 May 2013

    Image for Love, etc Not currently available
  13. Before the Fact

    By Ronald Frame. Lina begins to discover that new husband Johnnie is not all he seems.

    First broadcast: 20 Apr 2013

    Image for Before the Fact Not currently available
  14. Great Escape: The Justice

    Stephen Tompkinson stars in the story of the post-war manhunt to avenge the Great Escape.

    First broadcast: 13 Apr 2013

    Image for Great Escape: The Justice Not currently available
  15. Present Laughter

    Noel Coward's play follows a few days in the life of self-obsessed actor Garry Essendine.

    First broadcast: 06 Apr 2013

    Image for Present Laughter Not currently available
  16. Shane

    A mysterious horseman rides into the valley and into trouble. Adapted by Frances Byrnes.

    First broadcast: 30 Mar 2013

    Image for Shane Not currently available
  17. Hombre

    Elmore Leonard's classic western about John Russell, a white man raised by Indians.

    First broadcast: 23 Mar 2013

    Image for Hombre Not currently available
  18. Hedda Gabler

    Ibsen's classic drama of passion and desperation. Starring Sheridan Smith.

    First broadcast: 09 Mar 2013

    Image for Hedda Gabler Not currently available
  19. The Iraq Dossier

    The inside story of the controversial document that persuaded MPs to back the 2003 war.

    First broadcast: 02 Mar 2013

    Image for The Iraq Dossier Not currently available
  20. Well, He Would, Wouldn't He?

    By Charlotte Williams. Mandy Rice-Davies looks back on the Stephen Ward trial 50 years on.

    First broadcast: 23 Feb 2013

    Image for Well, He Would, Wouldn't He? Not currently available
  21. The Wind in the Willows

    Kenneth Grahame's classic story with script for actors and score for BBCSO by Neil Brand.

    First broadcast: 16 Feb 2013

    Image for The Wind in the Willows Not currently available

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  22. The Liberty of Norton Folgate

    Mark Davies Markham's play is inspired by the Madness album of the same name. With Suggs.

    First broadcast: 09 Feb 2013

    Image for The Liberty of Norton Folgate Not currently available
  23. Boots on the Ground

    Contemporary thriller by Don Webb about sinister goings-on at a military research centre.

    First broadcast: 02 Feb 2013

    Image for Boots on the Ground Not currently available

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  24. Headlong

    A struggle to lay hands on a long-lost materspiece. Adapted from Michael Frayn's novel.

    First broadcast: 19 Jan 2013

    Image for Headlong Not currently available
  25. Skios

    Martin Jarvis directs this dramatisation of Michael Frayn's newest comic novel.

    First broadcast: 12 Jan 2013

    Image for Skios Not currently available
  26. White Snow

    Faced with an upstart stepdaughter, the queen is forced into decisive and deadly action.

    First broadcast: 05 Jan 2013

    Image for White Snow Not currently available
  27. Red Shoes

    Karen's heart is set on a pair of red shoes whose magic compels her to dance to her death.

    First broadcast: 29 Dec 2012

    Image for Red Shoes Not currently available
  28. Alice through the Looking Glass

    Lewis Carroll's fantastical story collides with Radio 4 in Stephen Wyatt's dramatisation.

    First broadcast: 22 Dec 2012

    Image for Alice through the Looking Glass Not currently available

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  29. Pinocchio

    Carlo Collodi's classic tale of a wooden puppet, dramatised by Linda Marshall Griffiths.

    First broadcast: 15 Dec 2012

    Image for Pinocchio Not currently available

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  30. A Slow Air

    By David Harrower. Siblings Morna and Athol have not spoken for 14 years. Why not?

    First broadcast: 01 Dec 2012

    Image for A Slow Air Not currently available

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