Installing a New Episode

This section provides help on updating your game, for example, when a new Adventure becomes available or if there are improvements available.

On the game Main Menu screen I see the 'Coming soon' message. What does this mean?

NB This information relates to the first four Adventure Games - it does not apply to The Gunpowder Plot.

The Adventure Games are a series of downloadable games for Doctor Who. If you have not played the game while connected to the internet you may not see all the episodes that are available to play.

When a new Adventure is released, 'Coming Soon' will be replaced with 'Download Now' and the new adventure will be ready for download on the Doctor Who website.


The game Main Menu shows that a new episode has been released. How do I download it?

NB This information relates to the first four Adventure Games - it does not apply to The Gunpowder Plot.

The Main Menu shows the 'Download Now' message when an episode is ready to download.

To download the new episode click on the title message and you will be offered the choice to go to the Doctor Who website to download the game.

You have to quit the game to download a new episode.

When I start the game I see a message saying that a new version of the game is available. What does it mean and what do I need to do?

This will happen when the BBC want to supply an improved version of the game episode. To download the updated version, follow the instructions on the screens.

If you choose not to download the updated version the game episode may not play all the way through or there may be problems adding other episodes to the game.

It is strongly recommended that you download and install the updated version as soon as possible for continued enjoyment of the game.

I'm on a Mac and I've installed the first two adventures but only one is showing on the Main Menu?

NB This information relates to the first four Adventure Games - it does not apply to The Gunpowder Plot.

This can sometimes happen on the Mac if you have installed one adventure to one location, and installed the other adventure to a different location. Normally the game will always install new adventures to the same directory. This will not stop you playing either adventure, as long as you launch the game from the relevant folder. However, we recommend that you uninstall both games and then re-install to the same directory.

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