Choose your mask and follow the link to open the image and print out, preferably from a colour printer. Or save it to your computer by right clicking on the link to the left and selecting 'save link as' or 'save target as', depending on your browser.

  • Make Your Own Cherub MaskMake Your Own Cherub Mask

    Mask of innocence or face of evil? (1.11MB, pdf)

  • The SilenceThe Silence

    Do not wear this mask if you want to be remembered! (5.94MB, pdf)

  • The MasterThe Master

    Join the Master's Christmas Revolution! (706KB, pdf)

  • Weeping AngelsWeeping Angels

    Become a Weeping Angel and see how long your friends can go without blinking. (360KB, pdf)

  • OodOod

    You'll have Oodles of fun with this mask! (453KB, pdf)

  • SilurianSilurian

    Fed up of 'stinking apes'? Download out Silurian mask and become Homo Reptilia instead. (267KB, pdf)

  • GangerGanger

    Join the doppelganger gang! (3.79MB, pdf)

  • Peg DollsPeg Dolls

    Dress up as a dangerous dollie with our Peg Dolls mask (1.63MB, pdf)

  • SmilerSmiler

    Put a smile on your face with this mask from The Beast Below (323KB, pdf)

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