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  • Ice WarriorIce Warrior

    Sssscare your friendsss with this Ice Warrior mask! (872KB, pdf)

  • Weeping AngelsWeeping Angels

    Become a Weeping Angel and see how long your friends can go without blinking. (360KB, pdf)

  • OodOod

    You'll have Oodles of fun with this mask! (453KB, pdf)

  • More Masks...More Masks...

    Find more great Doctor Who masks to download now.


  • Badge of Honour!Badge of Honour!

    He wears a badge now... And so can you!

  • Hero Colouring-in PackHero Colouring-in Pack

    Demonstrate your artistic skills with our brand new Hero Colouring-in Pack. Download it Now!

  • River's DiaryRiver's Diary

    Transform one of your books into a diary like River Song's! The ideal place to keep spoilers...

  • More Makes...More Makes...

    More things for you to download, print and play.


Action Games

Strategy Games

Puzzle Games



    Step inside the Doctor's time machine and have a good look around!

  • The New DaleksThe New Daleks

    Explore the Dalek ship and unlock the hotspots to release hidden elements!

  • Forest VaultForest Vault

    Explore the forest of the Byzantium.

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