Bargain Hunt

Bargain Hunt

Two teams of amateur collectors have an hour at an antiques fair in which to acquire the best bargains possible with £300.


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Bargain Hunt experts take it in turns to present the programme!

Some of our Bargain Hunt experts will be presenting programmes in the New Year. Keep watching to find out more!

Bargain Hunt Needs You in 2017!

Bargain Hunt Needs You in 2017!

Our experts are back on the road and we are after some budding Bargain Hunters to apply for future filming locations throughout the UK.

Have you got the skills and know how to pick up a bargain and sell it at a profit? Think you can do better than our past contestants? 

Apply to be on Bargain Hunt!

We are on the search for budding Bargain Hunters throughout the UK for 2017.

We will be in contact at a later date when we are coming to a town near you. Happy Hunting!

Catch Up on Bargain Hunt

Catch Up on Bargain Hunt

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Catch up with your favourite experts and the best moments of the past week of Bargain Hunt programmes on the Bargain Hunt BBC iPlayer page.

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