The BBC's monthly charity appeal programme, in which a well-known personality introduces the vital work of a particular charity they care about, and appeals for donations.

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Please text GIVE to 70121 

Texts cost £10 plus your standard network message charge. The whole £10 goes to DEBRA (Registered charity number: 1084958.  Registered Scottish Charity: SC039654).

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Please make your cheque payable to DEBRA and send it to:

BBC Lifeline Appeal

Please make sure you write ‘DEBRA’ on the back of the envelope.



Please call 0800 011 011



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A child born with EB is mostly a complete shock to parents. I can only imagine what it was like for my parents to see me born. My dad saw my veins through a large blister on my leg and the doctors came to both Mum and Dad and said “we don’t know what it is”. I cannot imagine how frightened they were. I can happily say I don’t remember any of what I went through as a baby and toddler, but for my parents and big brother, they have some terrible memories.

Thankfully through DEBRA, parents can have much needed support as soon as a baby is diagnosed, from help with much needed benefits, necessary equipment for the special needs of a child with EB and emotional support through specialist trained staff. If it weren’t for the nurses, I’d have died aged just 14. I am 31 now, and have survived a cancerous tumour on my ankle due to EB – and that was all thanks to the excellent specialists DEBRA help to provide. My DEBRA social worker is able to provide funds to and from hospital when necessary and this relieves much stress on everyone.

There are so many strains of EB and so many horrifying problems that come with the condition that can appear instantaneously, without DEBRA it would be so simple to give up hope. Pioneering research has led to a greater understanding about the missing protein in the faulty gene, and this is the closest we have got to stopping the trauma EB does. Without funding for research, through DEBRA, all the hard work done so far would count for nothing. But DEBRA help people like me live with EB, support us where necessary to lead a relatively normal life. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and you wouldn’t think it would cause so much grief. But it does.

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About Lifeline

Lifeline is the BBC's monthly television charity appeal programme. For more than 25 years Lifeline has helped raise money for and increased the profile of hundreds of charities across the UK and abroad. There have been over 300 appeals so far and more than £6m has been raised for charitable causes.

Each month Lifeline focuses on one charity's appeal. The appeal is presented by a celebrity who has a specific interest in the charity concerned or experience of their work.

Find out how much has been raised and where the money goes

Lifeline's 20th anniversary programme
including interviews with celebrities who have presented programmes over the years.

Applying for a Lifeline appeal

Applying for a Lifeline appeal

If you are a charity and would like to apply for a Lifeline appeal, you can find information and an application form on the BBC charity appeals website.

Tips on how to make a successful Lifeline appeal

Tips on how to make a successful Lifeline appeal

Spinal Research raised over £140,000 with their appeal presented by Richard Hammond in February 2011.They've now kindly put together what they learnt as a helpful guide for all future charities making a Lifeline appeal.


How to maximise the impact of your Lifeline appeal

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