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Fight For Sight

Fight For Sight
Presented by Angela Rippon

I was well aware of the war that ravaged Sierra Leone for 11 years. But I don't think that anyone can fully appreciate the devastating effect that the war had on the women of Sierra Leone - unless that is, you have the opportunity of meeting and speaking with them as I have done with the Charity Womankind.

Thousands of women have been left with the mental and physical scars of the war and today they continue to face poverty, discrimination and violence. In fact, almost all women in Sierra Leone will face domestic or sexual violence in their lifetime.

These women have huge potential. And Womankind, in partnership with local organisations, help these women to realise it. Womankind’s partners provide support like counselling so women can overcome trauma, and skills training so they can generate an income and gain independence. They also work with local communities to change attitudes so that women face less discrimination and violence.

I was touched and inspired by the courageous women I met in Sierra Leone. They had overcome great adversity and were now working for a better life for themselves, their families and communities.

Womankind works with local partner organisations in 14 countries across the world. They can only keep going with the help of donations from people like you. Please make a gift today and help change a woman’s life.

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Lifeline is the BBC's monthly television charity appeal programme. For more than 25 years Lifeline has helped raise money for and increased the profile of hundreds of charities across the UK and abroad. There have been over 300 appeals so far and more than £6m has been raised for charitable causes.

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Applying for a Lifeline appeal

Applying for a Lifeline appeal

If you are a charity and would like to apply for a Lifeline appeal, you can find information and an application form on the BBC charity appeals website.


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Tips on how to make a successful Lifeline appeal

Tips on how to make a successful Lifeline appeal

Spinal Research raised over £140,000 with their appeal presented by Richard Hammond in February 2011.They've now kindly put together what they learnt as a helpful guide for all future charities making a Lifeline appeal.


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