Giles Dilnot

Giles Dilnot travels the country with The Daily Politics team to find out what everyone's talking about, and get politicians listening.


Giles Dilnot was born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1971 but grew up in Leeds, Kent, where his father was a vicar.

Following work experience in locations as far flung as Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Zimbabwe, Giles graduated from Jesus College, Cambridge, in 1993 to work at Chiltern Radio and at Coventry's Mercia FM radio station.

Reporting, producing and presenting at the former BBC GLR followed (he was Fi Glover's producer for a while) before Giles headed south to become Drivetime, and occasional Breakfast presenter for BBC Southern Counties Radio in Guildford, moving on to the TV launch team of BBC South East Today in 2001 and becoming co-presenter a year later.

Since November 2004, he has been touring the country for BBC Two's Daily Politics, finding out which issues get the British public most worked up.

He has also worked on The Politics Show on BBC One and can even be seen on BBC Breakfast, usually doing something unexpected!

Married, with two young daughters and a water spaniel called Coco, Giles enjoys collecting rare thrillers, travelling, cocktails and shoes. He is the Imelda Marcos of political journalism.

He has a particular passion for the South African Bush, where he has worked in conservation, and Thailand, where his family lived for many years.

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