Horizon tells amazing science stories, unravels mysteries and reveals worlds you've never seen before.

This month is Space Month

Horizon, the BBC's flagship science strand, and Stargazing Live have been looking to the heavens this March. In three special shows Horizon explores the latest discoveries that are re-writing our understanding of the Universe:

1) Secrets of the Solar Syster (watch on BBC iPlayer)

The discovery of hundreds of exo-planets is turning the understanding of our own Solar System on its head. Nobody really knows how or why it formed - but now new theories and discoveries are finally answering some of the biggest mysteries in astronomy.

2) Aftershock - The Hunt for Gravitational Waves (watch on BBC iPlayer)

Last year the scientific community was thrilled to discover that a team working in Antarctica thought they had discovered 'Gravitational Waves' - the so called 'fingerprint of creation'. Horizon tells the inside story of one of the biggest wild goose chases in cosmology.

3) Dancing in the Dark - The End of Physics? (watch on BBC iPlayer)

With the new-suped-up CERN switch-on approaching, Horizon looks at the search for the most elusive particle of all - Dark Matter. If CERN doesn't find Dark Matter soon, many believe that physicists will need to radically rethink their understanding of the Universe, and even physics itself.

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Horizon interactive ebook


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Horizon archive collection

Horizon archive collection

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