Sharon Rickman

After a troubled adolescence, Den's 'Princess' Sharon emerged as an unbalanced femme fatale with a dangerous taste for bullies.

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First appearance: 19th February 1985
Address: 55 Victoria Road
Occupation: Manageress of R&R

The poodle haired daughter of the late Den and Angie Watts, Sharon was affectionately known as "Princess" by Den. Even though she was adopted, she inherited the drama-queen gene from mum, Ange. She was constantly playing her parents off against each other like tennis balls. But she loved them despite living in their drunken war zone.

If Angie was 'ere now...Sharon Rickman

After a troubled adolescence, Sharon emerged as an unbalanced femme fatale with a taste for bullies. She tried both Mitchell brothers, and found them wanting. When she returned to the Square after a long absence, however, it was straight back to Phil's bed that she raced.

It wasn't until Dennis Rickman entered her life that Sharon knew the meaning of true love. However, it was complicated. Dennis was Den's son... and her half-brother (though not by blood). They tried to deny their illicit love, but there was no avoiding the fact that they had to be together – not even scheming dad Den could split them up, in spite of his best efforts.

But their happiness was short-lived when Danny Moon killed Dennis at the behest of vengeful gangster Johnny Allen. Concerned for the safety of her unborn child, grieving Sharon fled Walford and took up residence with best mate Michelle Fowler in sunny Florida, giving birth to future heart-throb Dennis Rickman Jnr.

Sharon returned to The Square in August 2012 in typical low key fashion; in a wedding dress on Phil Mitchell's front doorstep. Having jilted her fiancé on their wedding day, Sharon and her adorable son Denny (Dennis Junior) were taken in by Jack Branning. While it seemed that Sharon and Jack were a strong couple, Sharon's old flame Phil still had eyes for her, getting her heavily involved in helping him gain custody of Lexi in the hope of luring her back into the Mitchell clan. Having received a wedding proposal from both men, Sharon chose to leave the past behind, and start a new future with Jack... pity Jack didn't feel the same way! Having being back in contact with Ronnie, Jack realised that the love he felt for Sharon could never compare, and decided not to go ahead with their wedding.

Phil put his cards on the table and declared his love for Sharon... and Sharon seemed willing to give it another go with her old flame, But she became increasingly overwhelmed by the rollercoaster that had been her life of late, and fell back into old habits, relying on prescription painkillers to get her through the day. When Phil found her passed out while looking after Lexi, he knew he could never trust her, and threw her out onto the streets. After a short break to America, Sharon returned, and seemed to be on fighting form...

With son Dennis in school, this fighting form seems to be continually tested. When Ava took an apparent dislike to devilish Dennis, Sharon had to go on the defensive during a meeting at the school! With a simple parent-teacher meeting turning quickly sour, an argument broke out, with her threatening to move Dennis to a different school. But when Dennis accused Whitney of assaulting him, taking Dennis out of the school was no longer an option for Sharon – she wanted Whitney sacked and her career over. However, the police believed Whitney and not her blue-eyed boy.

It would seem Sharon is a lady of habit when it comes to affairs of the heart. She ended up back in Phil's bed - yet again! But when Shirley boasted that Phil had tried it on with her too, Sharon put a stop to the relationship before it got started.

However, she didn’t bank on Phil making a public declaration of his feelings - kissing her face off in front of the entire Vic. The two decided to move in together.

With Sharon and Phil's relationship continuing to blossom, Sharon insists that they must tell each other everything from now on. Which he did – coming clean about his involvement in Dennis’s death…

Letitia Dean

  • Letitia has appeared in the likes of Grange Hill, Doctors and Casualty.
  • She also ventured onto the stage as Ms Darbus in High School Musical.
  • In 2007 she appeared in Strictly Come Dancing, where she and her partner, Darren Bennett, reached the quarter finals.
  • Letitia is also a keen singer and can tap dance.
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Sharon Rickman

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