Peggy Mitchell

Family came first for this East End matriarch - her life revolved around her children. Nothing happens in the Mitchell family that Peggy didn't know about.

Fact titleFact data
First appearance: 30th April 1991
Last appearance: 20th September 2013
Occupation: Landlady

The pint-sized publican never pulled her punches. And while she happily poured you a shot, she was equally keen to get shot of manipulative hubby Archie Mitchell with real bullets. Sadly would-be hitman son Phil bottled out before he could pull the trigger.

Get outta ma pub!Peggy Mitchell

Peggy's battled cancer with the same determination as she's battled local government for change in Walford - although she was a little bothered when Mayor Boris biked into her borough.

Romance has always been messy for Peggy, whether it was splitting up with scheming Archie hours after their wedding, or a messy love triangle involving Pat Evans and Frank Butcher.

Her beloved Queen Vic was sadly taken from her clutches, when her wayward son’s battle with booze and drugs led to an emotional showdown, resulting in him setting the landmark alight. Her heartache and suffocating love for him aided her decision to walk away from Walford.

One thing’s for certain - Peggy was certainly a queen of the Vic and her words "Get outta ma pub!" will never be forgotten.

Played by Barbara Windsor

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Peggy Mitchell

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