Max Branning

Max's roving eye lands him in trouble time and again, but he never learns. His heart seemingly belonged to Tanya, until secret second wife, Kirsty, appeared and they rekindled their flame. Can Max ever be a one-woman man?

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First appearance: 27th June 2006
Address: 5 Albert Square
Occupation: Co-owner of Deals on Wheels

Tanya took him back time and time again, but her forgiveness wore thin after his affair with Stacey – she buried him alive. She may have run a beauty parlour, but that’s one extreme mud pack!

What's your number?Max Branning

  • Football team: Supports Arsenal
  • Music tastes: Led Zep
  • Likes: Watching snooker and women (not necessarily in that order)
  • Dislikes: Chocolate and bowling
  • Favourite sweets: Lemon sherbets
  • Drinks: Whiskey and larger
  • Bad habits: Enjoys an occasional cheeky fag, especially when stressed!


You can't keep a good man six feet under though, and after a brief exile, Max waltzed back to Walford - only to find Tanya giving his sexy sibling Jack a bit of brotherly love. After another round of on-again, off-again, Tanya saw the light, divorced naughty Max, and married his polar opposite – nice guy Greg.

But before she'd made it up the aisle, she was back under Max's spell and it wasn't long before Greg was out the door. Nice guys really do finish last with Tanya. We've seen another side of Max as he's supported her in her battle with cancer, but there were always doubts whether Max could be a one woman man. On Christmas Day, minutes before he was due to marry Tanya again, Max’s estranged wife Kirsty knocked on the door!

Max and Kirsty met after he had been thrown out by Tanya, and the pair were instantly smitten. A quickie wedding soon followed. When Tanya took Max back, he knew that if he ever saw Kirsty again he would be powerless to resist her, so he simply told her by phone that it was over.

On Christmas Day 2012, Kirsty came back to claim her man. While Max insisted that he was no longer interested, there still seemed to be a spark between the two, and they even indulged in a cheeky snog on the day of Derek's funeral... how romantic... Kirsty finally succumbed to the pressure of being seen as "the other woman" and signed divorce papers for Max before leaving The Square... but this gesture seemed to make Max realise that he was actually still in love with her, a fact which he admitted to Tanya in a rare moment of honesty! Understandably, Tanya was not best pleased with this admission, and realised that enough was enough, throwing Max out.

Under the pretence of giving her some home truths, Max decided to track Kirsty down, getting himself involved in a scrap with her abusive ex. However, this seemed to bring the pair back together and Max returned to The Square with Kirsty in tow, seemingly to give their marriage another go.

It wasn't all smooth sailing for Max and Kirsty, however. Even though Kirsty finally bagged her man, his ex and kids living a few doors down didn't make her feel secure!This led Kirsty to fool Max into believing she was pregnant

When Kirsty's lie was exposed, Max dropped her as quick as you can say, "I still love Tanya," and went running back to his ex. However, breaking the habit of a lifetime, Tanya rejected him. The love of his life instead made the heart-breaking decision to move away from Walford for the good of their daughter, Lauren.

Max seemed to give a pretty good impression of being over Kirsty, but her ex Carl arriving back on the scene seemed to stir up some jealousy! Just as it seemed the pair were set to give it another go, Lauren returned too, and Max seemed to brush Kirsty aside so he could give Lauren his undivided attention. But with Lauren’s encouragement, the two reunited, with Carl still hovering in the background…

Carl set up Max, claiming he tampered with the brakes of his car - causing a crash in which Phil was seriously injured. Pleading his innocence, Max was nevertheless arrested. Conveniently for Max, Carl’s key witness, Ian, didn’t show up for court. So although Carl gave evidence, the jury found Max not guilty and he walked out a free man! Max was given the chance to end Carl's life, but decided he just simply wasn't worth it and went home to his family. But his stint in jail seemed to change his feelings about Kirsty, and after finding out she had slept with Carl, albeit to help pay of his legal bills, he decided to finally call it a day on their fiery relationship.

After finding the truth out about Carol's health and David’s intentions, Max agrees to let David buy into the car lot. No sooner than getting Max’s signature on the dotted line, however, David initiated a drastic revamp of the office. A furious Max turned up to find a freshly renamed car lot... ‘Deals on Wheels’.

Having cooled down since David’s car lot rebrand, Max was shocked to hear about a possible Stacey sighting. Implementing a plan to try and track her down, Max was focused on finding her and Lily.

Jake Wood

  • Jake's an Arsenal supporter and also enjoys boxing and running.
  • Jake enjoys all kinds of music from classical to rockers Brian Jonestown Massacre.
  • His acting heroes include Stacy Keach and Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie's dad).
  • He features in Ed Norton's period romance film The Illusionist.
  • Jake appeared in detective drama Mayo alongside Alistair McGowan.
  • In cult comedy Red Dwarf, Jake played psychotic prisoner Kill Crazy.
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Max Branning

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