Lauren Branning

Lauren's a ball of emotions, complications and attitudes. She thinks she's a total, straightforward, say-it-how-I-see-it kind of girl.

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First appearance: 3rd July 2006
Address: 5 Albert Square
Occupation: College student studying Creative Media

Strangers and acquaintances see a bolshie, argumentative, party girl. Her best mate, Whit, gets her more than most, but even she thinks that Lauren's lived a charmed life.

I'm normal. It's everyone else who's annoyingLauren Branning

  • Talents: Lauren excels in Art
  • Criminal record: Lauren was given a two year suspended sentence (2009-2011) for GBH for running over her dad
  • Likes: Drinking, going out and being sarcastic!
  • Dislikes: Sports and Harry Potter
  • Personal style: Emo

Life hasn't been easy for Lauren. She's seen her parents split, get back together, argue, cheat, and split again as many times as you've had cold breakfasts. She took the full emotional toll of her mum's cancer, without the support of anyone else. Since then, Lauren's drinking has become a problem.

Peel back the facade, and you find a kind, patient, forgiving, loyal girl who just wants to love and be loved. It appeared that she found that love with her cousin Joey, until he cruelly dumped her, seemingly without reason. Little did Lauren know that Derek had pushed Joey to finish things with her, and had blackmailed her mum Tanya into making Joey leave Walford. When she learnt the truth on Christmas Eve, a drunk Lauren decided to take her revenge on her mum by ripping up her wedding dress and trashing her wedding preparations! Let's just say that she did not have herself a merry little Christmas...

Lauren's dad, Max, seemed to take pity on her after hearing of her turmoil, forgiving her for the drunken outbursts, and even giving his blessing to Joey and Lauren's relationship... but just as things seemed to be getting back to normal, Derek died of a heart attack and Joey ran away from her... again! Things got back on track for the controversial couple, but Lauren’s drinking started to take its toll until after yet another drunken display, Joey decided that enough was enough, and left Lauren.

Lauren's drinking continued to become a problem, and after every apology she issued, more bad behaviour soon followed. The final straw came after she collapsed at Abi's birthday party and was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with acute liver damage and hepatitis. Tanya decided that Lauren was better off in rehab, away from the drama of the Brannings, so made the heart-breaking decision to move away from Albert Square with her daughter and Oscar. But after a few months in rehab, Lauren returned...

When she discovered that Whitney and Joey had slept together when she was in rehab, Lauren slipped into old habits and looked for the nearest vodka. However, she managed to find the strength to resist swallowing her drink, and stuck to her resolve to stay on the straight and narrow by attending counselling.

Lately though, Lauren has had other things to focus on. She started seeing counselling buddy Jake Stone. But when Jake revealed not only that he was making a go of his marriage again, but his wife was Lauren’s former boss Sadie - and they were moving onto The Square. How much heartbreak can one girl take? Unfortunately, there was a little more in store for Lauren. Upset and heartbroken, she turned up to Joey’s for a shoulder to cry on, but it seemed Janine had got in their first, leaving Lauren alone and in the cold. But she wasn't alone for long... When Lauren came to Jake's rescue in Scarlett's, the two were soon reunited and their secret love affair began! Lauren even managed to bag herself a job working with Sadie in Beauty. Surely this is too close to home?

It wasn't long before Max found out about Lauren's secret antics with Jake, making sure that Jake left his little girl alone. But Lauren's heart suffered a second blow on Boxing Day when Joey decided to leave Walford. She couldn't bring herself to leave with him, so they said a tearful goodbye at the station instead.

After Joey had bid goodbye to Walford, Lauren found it hard to stay away from Jake. Continuing to secretly meet, Lauren was caught in Jake's bedroom by his daughter Bella. And when Carol assumed a positive pregnancy test was Lauren’s, she and Max confronted Jake. But, after hearing everything, a fuming Sadie walked out on Jake. On the rebound and drunk, Jake forced Lauren to get into his car.

Jacqueline Jossa

  • This is Jac's first role since coming out of the D&B Theatre School in Bromley.
  • Jacqueline won the Best Newcomer award at the 2012 National Television Awards.

Follow Jacqueline on twitter: @jacquelineMjos

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Lauren Branning

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