Kim Fox

With dress sense louder than a speed garage night at R&R, and a mouth to match, you know when Kim Fox has entered the building...

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First appearance: 24th November 2009
Address: 18-20 Albert Square (Kim's Palace)
Occupation: B&B co-owner/manager; Minute Mart co-owner/manager

Appearance is important, but Kim's not concerned about labels - it's 'upkeep on the cheap' for her. This is a woman who is FEARLESS when it comes to fashion. She can rock a lizard skin leatherette suit on a Monday morning in Bridge Street Market, like no other woman in Walford.

I got something in the back. It's imported!Kim Fox

  • Likes: Making Caribbean food, especially chicken, Montserrat-style
  • Usual drinks: Rum with cola... and anything else really!
  • Personal traits: Calls people wrong names
  • Criminal record: Caution in 2010 for being involved in a fight at R&R
  • Prior residence: Used to live in Leytonstone and owned a towing caravan for holidays

No party is complete without K-Fox. But though she might look like a long in the tooth ghetto princess, scratch beneath the surface and you will find that she's smarter than she seems, with a big heart too. And it wasn't long untill that big heart found it's way onto a cruise, and into the arms of a new husband. Awh!

Tameka Empson

  • Tameka played the role of Billie in West End musical Our House: The Madness Musical.
  • In 1996, she appeared in the film Beautiful Thing as Leah Russell and in 1998 she featured in Babymother.
  • She has also appeared in the BBC sitcom Beautiful People.

Follow Tameka on twitter: @Tameka_Empson

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Kim Fox

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