Kat Moon

As soon as she arrived in Walford with her fake tan, heavy make-up and hoop earrings, Kat was a dose of Viagra to the men of Albert Square.

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First appearance: 18th September 2000
Address: 23 Albert Square
Occupation: Market stall holder

Her mum had died, dad was grieving and nan (Mo) was touting stolen meat off the back of lorries (some things never change). Kat had her eye on the Square's eligible bachelors (although married men weren't necessarily off the menu either).

Oi, what you lookin' at?Kat Moon

  • Usual drinks: V&T
  • Cravings: Beetroot when pregnant with Tommy
  • Likes: Watching Sex and the City, clubbing and steaks
  • Dislikes: Live fish in restaurants
  • Criminal record: Went to prison in 2005 and a caution in 2010

Kat wasted very little time establishing herself as a drama queen by shocking everyone with the revelation that her youngest sister, Zoe was in fact her daughter. Then she stole her dishy doctor boyfriend for good measure.

Unwanted pregnancies, suicide attempts, miscarriages - Kat has been through it all. But it was her relationship with Alfie that changed everything. However, the baby swap scandal and those traumatic months where Kat thought that baby Tommy was dead had a huge impact on her and Alfie's relationship.

While their marriage seemed to recover, it didn't take long for Kat's eye to wander. She had an affair with a mystery man. At first, Alfie forgave her. But when he found out it was Derek Branning? It was game over for Kat and Alfie.

With Derek dead, the decree nisi for her divorce from Alfie came through, and Kat was left staring woefully at him as Roxy turned bridezilla. However, Kat found her calling in life by joining forces with Bianca to run a market stall. We knew that loud voice was meant for something! In her down time from work, it didn't take her long to find herself back in the arms of Michael Moon for a while. But it didn’t last when Janine returned to Walford.

Kat managed to find a kindred spirit in Whitney, who she helped to find some closure on her past experiences, reassuring her that she was not the bad person she thought she was. In turn, Whitney assured Kat that it was never too late to change her behaviour as well...

As Alfie and Roxy's wedding drew closer, Kat found it harder to deal with losing Alfie for good. So as half of The Square were out celebrating with the hens and stags, Kat downed a bottle of wine with Bianca, vowing to move on with her life. However, as quickly as Bianca left, Alfie stumbled into Kat's house and it wasn't long before he went in for a kiss, just like old times. But with her new life plan, Kat couldn't continue the kiss - as much as she wanted to - and pushed Alfie away. Guilt-ridden, Kat decided it was definitely time for her to move on, and move away...

But Bianca couldn't let anything get in the way of true love, so when Kat was preparing to leave for the airport, she stepped in and offered to drive her in Terry's cab. However, Kat didn't realise that her bestie was actually taking her to Alfie and Roxy's wedding. When Kat did realise, she reluctantly went into the church, but it was too late, as Alfie had said 'I do'. She eventually made it to the airport and even managed to make her flight but unfortunately she didn't make it to Spain - because a love crazed Alfie chased her to the airport, professed his love and eventually convinced her to get off the plane. Kat was reunited with her man in the moon and all was right with the world again... or at least until they got back to Walford!

Although Kat attempted to be discreet and take things slowly with Alfie, it soon became apparent that it was her and Alfie against the world... or against the Mitchells at least. With The Vic up for sale, it seems their happily ever after will have to wait. Things went from bad to worse when Phil sold Alfie’s other beauty, his Ford Capri car.

Christmas Day may not have gone how they expected it to, but Kat was delighted to give Alfie his gift - and it was worth much more than their £50 budget. She was pregnant with his baby! But they couldn’t celebrate just yet, they had the matter of moving house to deal with. With the help of Walford's residents they managed to move swiftly and celebrated in true Moon fashion - cheap drinks for all in The Vic.

Now out of the Vic and back in with Mo, Kat and Alfie are saving for their upcoming arrival. When Kat fell off the table though, it looked as though all the saving could have been for nothing...Receiving the all-clear though, Kat was ecstatic when she discovered she was expecting twins! This was not the only thing Kat has recently discovered. Whilst on a bus, someone caught her eye... Stacey!

Discovering Stacey’s address with a little help from Max and his hacking, Kat set off for Stacey’s flat. Welcomed by an unsuspecting Luke, who assumed she was the cleaner that ‘Jenny’ booked, Kat agreed to return the next day to clean the house.

Jessie Wallace

  • Jessie used to be a make-up artist and made up Nigel Harman when he appeared in Mamma Mia.
  • Jessie owns a shih-tzu dog called Bailey and a cat called Elvis.
  • Jessie's biggest heroine of all time is actress Joan Collins.
  • Jessie left school at 15 and worked behind a bar and on a market stall before taking a City and Guilds in theatrical make-up.
  • She then worked as a make-up artist for the Royal Shakespeare Company for two years.
  • Jessie gave up her make-up job to study drama at the Poor School in King's Cross, London. She worked as a cleaner and a wig maker to support herself through college.
  • Jessie first graced our screens in a 1995 episode of The Bill and has since been in BBC One dramas A Class Apart, The Dinner Party, BBC Four's Miss Marie Lloyd: Queen of the Music Hall, BBC One's sixth series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 and ITV's Wild at Heart.
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Kat Moon

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