Jay Brown

You know you've lived a hard life when being part of the Mitchell family brings you stability. But that's been Jay's experience. He was a loose cannon until he found a family and the love of a good woman...

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First appearance: 14th December 2006
Address: 55 Victoria Road
Occupation: Mechanic

Street-smart Jay was hit hard by the death of his dad, Jase. Left to fend for himself, he resorted to a life of petty crime and anti-social behaviour.

Got a problem?Jay Brown

  • Vices: Used to smoke when he was younger
  • Education: Quit Walford High School on his sixteenth birthday
  • Hobbies: Boxing
  • Dislikes: Vegetables

But beneath the street-smart front, there beats a good heart. Abi Branning could see the good in Jay, and their relationship transformed him. Add to this his joining the Mitchell fold, and the Jay we see today is very different from the one who once mugged Lucy Beale or got stabbed by gang members.

But Jay still had best mate Lola and girlfriend Abi by his side, even if a holiday away revealed some cracks in their relationship. Abi had a pregnancy scare, and when Jay realised that Abi didn't want children, he sought comfort in the arms of another woman, and got caught in the act by Dexter! But their love was strong enough to overcome this hurdle and they soon reunited - much to the relief of their friends. Phew!

Jamie Borthwick

  • Jamie's a West Ham fan, like castmate Perry Fenwick (Billy).
  • Jamie appeared alongside Shane Richie in the TV show Celebrate Oliver!
Jay Brown

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