Honey Mitchell

Sweet by name and sweet by nature, dippy Honey Edwards (Mitchell) was one of life's day-dreamers...

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First appearance: 22nd November 2005
Last appearance: 2nd September 2008
Occupation: Mum

Honey met hapless Billy when Yolande set her up as a honey trap to lure Patrick into revealing his cheatin' ways. Honey mistook Billy for Patrick and the rest is history.

Like my dad says, something'll always turn up!Honey Mitchell

Honey and Billy's relationship was never straightforward - nothing is when Billy's involved. Their first wedding was postponed when Honey was admitted to hospital with food poisoning. They failed to tie the knot at their second attempt thanks to a stag-night prank. Third time around, Honey's waters broke, but this time it was after she had said 'I do'. That still counts.

Their relationship was rocked when she gave birth to baby Janet who had Down's Syndrome. Honey struggled to bond with her, and their marriage was tested to the limit. However, they pulled through and went on to have another baby called William.

Sadly, the pair split when Honey learned that Billy had taken blood money for Jase's death. Shocked, Honey felt that she couldn't trust Billy anymore and left Walford taking their children with her…

Played by Emma Barton

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Honey Mitchell

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