He's the man with the plan, a hustler with several personas and an eye for the ladies...

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First appearance: 5th January 2010
Address: 41 Albert Square (Kim's Palace)
Occupation: Waiter at Scarlett's

When God was giving out confidence, it might seem like Arthur 'Fatboy' Chubb bagged the lot. But he's a man of contradictions. On the surface, a bling-toting, big-talking hustler, who at least 40% of Walford need an interpreter to understand. But underneath his sharp exterior is something much softer.

Man's gotta plan!Fatboy

  • Hobbies: A DJ by night - and getting paid for it
  • Favourite food: Chicken breast - hot and spicy
  • Dislikes: Food that's been touched by bare naked hands
  • Possessions: Used to own an ice-cream van called 'Fatmobile' and has an old teddy bear called Mr Cuddles to bring him luck

You might expect his best mate to be an Asbo-wielding ex-con, but it is in fact bible-bashing octogenarian Dot Branning, who prefers to address him by his real name. She teaches him biblical tracts, he teaches her street lingo. It's a beautiful relationship.

Above all, Fatboy was looking out for a pengalicious baby girl with a batty like Beyonce. However, his efforts to charm the ladies often ended in heartache. Fatboy tragically found himself in the friend zone with both Whitney and Mercy, while his hopes of securing himself a cougar in Denise were short lived. But Fatboy finally found the girl of his dreams in Poppy, and saved up to move in together...

As The Square’s ϋber cute couple continued to save, Poppy found a seemingly perfect new build near her parents, outside of London. Fatboy had reservations about her idealistic views for their future in the suburbs and he eventually exploded. He told Poppy that he didn’t want any of that and, shocked, Poppy ran off in tears. Fatboy rushed after her but Poppy ended their relationship, leaving Fatboy stunned. Fatboy rushed after her, but Poppy ended their relationship - leaving Fatboy stunned. But Fatboy managed to woo his precious flower back in The Vic after staging a Miss Teen Vic competition.

With his love life back on track, Fatboy was faced with getting his working life in order. After being left in charge of The Vic whilst Alfie and Roxy were away, Fatboy managed to lose money, mess up stock orders and make a hash of the rota. Luckily a leopardskin-wearing guardian angel came to his rescue in the form of Kat. She stepped in to help him out behind the bar and after getting things back into working order, Fatboy offered her a job.

More recently, Fatboy's been in trouble with Poppy again. Catching him looking at the page three photo of Linda, Poppy stormed out, leaving Fatboy alone at Ian and Denise's engagement party. Until, of course, Fatboy unexpectedly found himself in The Vic's ladies... kissing Denise!

Leaving the Masood household, after taking the rap for Tamwar’s missing university fund, Fatboy moved in with Dot and Poppy. Things soon got heated between the pair, and after arguing about Nick, Fatboy revealed he’d kissed Denise. Distraught, the pair were unable to reconcile their relationship, and Poppy left The Square for good. Seeking to distract himself from his recent relationship disaster, Fatboy focused heavily on helping Masood get himself back together... by calling Shabnam.

Ricky Norwood

  • Ricky was brought into EastEnders after starring in E20 Series 1 - an online spin-off of the main show.
  • Ricky was born and bred in the East End of London and started acting from a young age. When he was 12, he joined Theatre Royal Stratford East's Youth Theatre.
  • He studied Performing Arts at Barking College.
  • Ricky and his friends set up their own production company, writing, producing and starring in plays at Theatre Royal Stratford East.
  • His other theatre credits include Daddy Cool at the Shaftesbury Theatre, Sick at the Almeida Theatre and The Stones at the Royal National Theatre.
  • Ricky supports the AIDS awareness campaign and has performed in a play on gang culture and youth crime to help raise awareness of the issues younger people face.
  • On his arrival, Ricky said: "It's an honour to now be part of a show that has been on in my house for as long as I have been alive. I love being part of a cast that feels like family."
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