Dennis Rickman

As the son of 'Dirty' Den Watts, his reputation preceded him. Dennis may have been able to turn on the charm with the ladies, but he had a certain sinister edge.

Fact titleFact data
First appearance: 14th April 2003
Last appearance: 30th December 2006 (Died 31st December 2006)
Occupation: Dodgy businessman

´╗┐Chip off the old block Dennis Rickman was the bad boy of the Square, just like his old dad, Dirty Den.

Come 'ere and say that!Dennis Rickman

Like father, like son, Dennis was unafraid to dabble in the dark side - getting involved in murder, drugs and violence. And it's no surprise that, like his dad, he found his way into the bedrooms of most of Albert Square's leading ladies!

However, it was his controversial love for Sharon, Den's adopted daughter, that ended his philandering ways, proving that his rampant bed-hopping had been a cover for his search for real love and affection.

Dennis was murdered by Danny Moon at the behest of gangster Johnny Allen. He died in the arms of Sharon in the Square, breaking the hearts of thousands of female viewers across the country...

Played by Nigel Harman

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Dennis Rickman

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