Cora Cross

Everything about Cora is big - big attitude, big bling, big hair. A great port in a storm, she's the go-to girl for say-it-as-I-see-it advice. If you fancy a big night out, she's your woman too.

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First appearance: 11th April 2011
Address: 5 Albert Square
Occupation: Assistant at laundrette

Cora likes the high life. She likes to get out, have a drink and a sing-song, tell a few stories - and maybe dole out a few home truths when someone needs taking down a peg or two.

I have nothing to apologise for.Cora Cross

  • Likes: Drinking most alcohol, including sambuca!
  • Dislikes: Bible-bashing and bank holidays
  • Weaknesses: Isn't good at cooking but is good with eggs!
  • Favourite TV programme: Diagnosis Murder
  • Previous homes: Evicted from her flat in 2011 for her ASBO

But though Cora likes to cut people down to size, she has been less than exemplary in her own life. Failing to cope with her beloved husband William's death, she left daughter Tanya to care for him, and see out his final moments. Ever since, Tanya and Cora's relationship has been strained. But now Cora's dedicated to making amends with Tanya and building a relationship with her grandchildren - Lauren, Abi and Oscar.

Although relationship-building generally comes second to sticking her beak in where it's not wanted and offering unwanted advice, she is fiercely defensive of her family and only wants the best for them. If a fight breaks out, this is a lady you want on your side.

Ann Mitchell

  • Ann's many TV appearances include The Bill, Casualty, Gimme Gimme Gimme, where the role of "Miss Twitch" was created specifically for her, Upstairs Downstairs, Within These Walls, Heartbeat, The Detectives, Taggart, and Z Cars.
  • As the character Dolly Rawlins, she headlined the iconic and critically-acclaimed series Widows 1, Widows 2 and She's Out. 'She's Out' won her the Pye Award for Female To Make The Greatest Impact On Television.
  • Ann is also a classical theatre actress, who has appeared in many of the great female roles, including Mother Courage, Mary Stuart and the play Mrs Warren's Profession.
Cora Cross

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