Alfie Moon

Cheeky cockney scamp Alfie Moon is a loveable rogue, with a, shall we say, unique dress sense (a cornucopia of blindingly colourful shirts, personalised West Ham tops and his trademark three-quarter length leather coat).

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First appearance: 21st November 2002
Address: 23 Albert Square
Occupation: Market trader

Though on paper he's a lying, cheating, bigamist with a criminal record, Alfie is one of the brightest and most-loved characters to ever hit The Square.

Would I lie to you?Alfie Moon

  • Infertility – he has recently become more fertile, but he still has a low sperm count
  • Distinguishing features: Has an appendix scar on his body from 1978
  • Likes: Cream and chocolate roll and comedy
  • Football team: Supports West Ham
  • Cars: Owns his beloved black Ford Capri

A true charmer, Alfie can talk his way in or out of any sticky situation. He even managed to win the heart of Albert Square's leading temptress, Kat Slater, and got a ring on her finger in a romantic Christmas Day ceremony - while failing to mention that he was already wed. Well you forget these things, don't you? Just like he forgot that you shouldn't date two sisters at the same time, when he started to see Little Mo while still with Kat...

Alfie and Kat left the Square to live the good life on the continent, but Alfie couldn't abstain from trouble for long, ending up in a Spanish nick. Upon the cheeky-chappie's release, the pair returned to the Square and became landlords of The Vic.

But life hasn't been all smiles since their return: Kat thought she'd lost her newborn baby, Tommy, only to discover that he was alive - Ronnie Branning had swapped him with her dead son, James.

While their marriage seemed to recover, it didn't take long for Kat's eye to wander. She had an affair with a mystery man. At first, Alfie forgave her. But when he found out it was Derek Branning? It was game over for Kat and Alfie.

Alfie sought comfort in his biggest admirer ‘Peroxide’ Roxy, and the two decided to get hitched and try for a baby... However, the re-appearance of Roxy's sister, Ronnie, seemed to throw a spanner in the works for Roxy and Alfie.

With Roxy seeing Ronnie behind his back, it was only a matter of time before Alfie found out what his fiancée was up to. When it did all finally come out, Alfie decided to leave, and after some grovelling from Roxy, he allowed her to leave with him.

Alfie subsequently returned with Roxy, determined to give their relationship their all and remove any interference; namely Kat and Ronnie. So while Roxy dealt with Ronnie, Alfie had to face Kat - and that conversation was never going to be easy! He told Kat that she needed to keep her distance and she told him where to go; she and Ronnie weren’t the problem, he was! Kat must have struck a chord, because Alfie was soon inviting Ronnie round for dinner. At first he couldn’t stomach it, but they soon got along over a good old board game. But it was short-lived; Ronnie made her position known that if Alfie messed up with Roxy, he would have Ronnie to answer to – scary thought!

It seemed Ronnie was some sort of fortune teller, because when it came to Alfie's stag do, there only seemed to be one woman on his mind, and it wasn't his wife to be. After attempting to rekindle things with his former flame, Kat, Alfie was left confused and rejected when she pushed him away. Sober and filled with regret the following morning, Alfie went ahead with the wedding. But when Kat showed up at the church, doubts arose. However, he still managed to get out his 'I do'.

it seemed the emotions and his true love had got to him - before the ink could even dry on their marriage certificate, Alfie revealed he had kissed Kat and Roxy reluctantly told him to leave their wedding and extra short marriage behind. With Kat on her way to the airport, Alfie made the most epic of journeys to track her down. He overcame Ian's whining, traffic jams, moped madness and airport security to declare his love to Kat on an aeroplane - now that's true love! She took her time reciprocating her feelings, but as Alfie was hauled away by airport security the two were reunited and there were happy tears on the tarmac as Kalfie were one once again! Hooray!

But their happiness was short-lived as Ronnie was determined to make him and Kat pay for hurting her baby sis. She soon revealed that Phil was putting The Vic up for sale. Sick of being pushed around by the Mitchells, Alfie left them a not so subtle message that he wouldn't take it lying down, when he threw the Queen Vic bust through their window. Brave move, Alfie!

Things got a lot better for Alfie on Christmas Day when Kat revealed she was pregnant with his baby. Yay, another baby Moon! So, with a baby on the way and a new home, Alfie decided to leave The Vic in true Walford fashion - cheap drinks for everyone!

Now out of The Vic and back in with Mo, Kat and Alfie are saving for their upcoming arrival. When Kat fell off the table though, it looked as if all the saving could have been for nothing...

Shane Richie

  • From Pontins blue coat to panto king, jack of all trades Shane Richie has brought a new sparkle to EastEnders since he joined the soap.
  • His other talents include acrobatics, impersonation and darts!
  • As a kid Shane was inspired by David Bowie's persona, Ziggy Stardust.
  • Shane's stage name used to be Shane Skywalker, though he was born Shane Patrick Roche.
  • He's a huge fan of Manchester United.
  • Shane once pulled a man from a blazing vehicle at a petrol station. Fittingly, he originally auditioned for the part of Tom Banks, the fireman. However, the role of Alfie was created especially for him.
  • Shane has some pet hates, such as queues (especially in banks!). He also doesn't like the chat show, Trisha.
  • Shane likes to have his toenails painted. The colour reflects his mood!
  • Shane's TV appearances include The Big Breakfast, Win Lose or Draw, and cop show Burnside.
  • Shane's got two albums under his belt - Shane Richie The Album, and Once Around the Sun.
  • Shane once hosted his own programme, The Shane Richie Experience.
  • He has starred in several musicals - most recently Boogie Nights and Grease. He's also a regular on the panto circuit.

Follow Shane on twitter: @realshanerichie

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Alfie Moon

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