Abi Branning

Abi's always been the golden girl, compared to her bolshie older sister, Lauren. But she knows how to get her own way. Abi loves animals and hopes to be a vet one day.

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First appearance: 3rd July 2006
Address: 5 Albert Square
Occupation: Student at Walford High 6th Form (Year 13)

Abi's bubbly, and self-assured, with a nose for mischief. She has the biggest heart in Walford and brings out the best in those around her, not least her boyfriend, Jay Brown and best friend Lola.

I love animals...Abi Branning

  • Favourite films: Dirty Dancing and Twilight.
  • Favourite pin-up: Jacob from Twilight.
  • Likes: Animals and sports.
  • Dislikes: Boxing and zombie films.
  • Dreams: To see the world.

She may be young, but she's packed plenty of drama into her years. She's been hit by Deano's car, discovered Trina's dead body in Charlie's summer-house, watched her parents' marriage unravel, ravel and unravel again. However, through it all, Abi has managed to keep a sensible head on her shoulders, unlike older sister Lauren, whose footsteps Abi was determined not to follow.

Lorna Fitzgerald

  • Lorna's a keen dancer and enjoys ballet and tap dancing.
  • She plays the guitar and keeps active by swimming.
  • Lorna played Jade in Cherished which starred Sarah Lancashire.
  • Lorna has previously appeared in Casualty.
Abi Branning

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