Richard's five moneysaving tips

We all know it can be gruelling to save that deposit, and as house prices rise, the target amount only seems further out of reach. Instead of frittering away your cash, take note of Richard Fenton's five no-nonsense tips to cut back on your spending and build up that deposit.

Richard's Five Saving Tips

1. Cancel your gym membership.

"Even if you use it, it's way too expensive. You can alweays run in the park for free."

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2. Install a water meter.

"If there are only a few of you in the property, careful use will save you money."

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3. Use store-branded products.

"Supermarket branded products are way cheaper than the big brands."

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4. Walk or cycle to work

"Do this instead of using public transport or the car. We may be creatures of habit, but tinkering with that routine could save you as much as £50 a month."

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5. Bin the ready meals

"They're convenient, but expensive."

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If you follow all these tips, Richard reckons you could save up to £500 a year. Happy saving.