The Fourth Dimension


The Wonder of Who

In an early version of the script for Dreamland, when the Doctor arrived at the diner in episode one he briefly met up with a young US Army Private called Presley. Although it wasn't stated what the young man's first name was, he was heard to utter, 'Thank you very much'... His presence was abandoned for reasons of pacing and it was felt the scene needed a little less conversation.

What's in a name?

Cassie Rice was originally going to be called Jolene.

It's a date

Dreamland was first broadcast on Red Button on 21st November, 2009. The events of The Waters of Mars - co-written by Phil Ford - take place exactly 50 years after that date with the Doctor arriving on Bowie Base One on November 21st, 2059.

Hello, again!

Georgia Moffett (Cassie Rice) appeared in the The Daughter's Doctor, playing Jenny. Lisa Bowerman, who voices Seruba Valek has also appeared in Doctor Who. Back in 1989 she played Karra in the Seventh Doctor story, Survival.

Hello, again! (again)

The ionic fusion bar which catches the Doctor's eye in the diner - and sets off the whole change of events with the Alliance of Shades - is also featured in the third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, as is one of the space ships seen in Dreamland.

In a State

Dreamland is not the first time the Doctor has visited the United States. Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks saw the Time Lord and Martha in New York and the Ninth Doctor visited Utah in Dalek. The Seventh Doctor regenerated in San Francisco and the First Doctor paid visits to America in The Gunfighters, The Daleks' Master Plan and The Chase.

Sounds Familiar

When the Doctor arrives at Cassie's diner, the Everly Brothers hit, All I Have To Do Is Dream can be heard. The song was recorded in March, 1958 and reached the number one slot in the US billboard charts three months later.

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