Published: 04/06/14

Company response

Currys PC World said:

Currys PC World helps millions of customers find their perfect technology solution every year and we stock a huge range of products to suit, hopefully, every need and budget.

We have test laboratories in the UK and Hong Kong as well as extensive experience in our field and we regularly test, under a variety of conditions, how different cables and other accessories affect picture, audio and, increasingly, data quality as well as their longevity. For those people who want to get the very best home theatre experience we think that choosing a good quality cable is the right thing to do and we think that it is our job to help customers achieve the experience that they want.

In any event, happy customers are our priority and we are sorry that it sounds like, in your examples, we didn’t explain the different options as fully as we should have done. We train all of our colleagues very regularly, and we will take a look at the training on cables in particular to make sure that we explain these things fully, so that we are better able to help people make exactly the right choice for the experience they want to achieve.

If a customer feels they have bought the wrong product we are happy to exchange it for a more suitable product as long as it satisfies our terms and conditions.