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Out and about

This month:

  • In June, commit random acts of wildness with the Wildlife Trust! #30DaysWild
  • Take part in a BioBlitz near you, these National Trust events help to protect some special places
  • It's National Insect Week - learn more
  • 13 - 23 June is Swift Awareness Week - find out how you can help this bird in decline

At home and at school

There are also plenty of ways you can get involved with nature near you. Get involved with your local community, get inspired and do your bit!

Image by Hayley Newton
  • Our Wildlife SOS (Save Our Species) videos show you simple things that you can do in your garden to help British wildlife. Things like building a compost heap, making a tiny pond or creating a miniature wildflower meadow like Butterfly Conservation’s Plant Pots for Pollinators campaign.
  • SpringTails at the University of Brighton want you to report sightings of mammals in your garden.
  • If you are involved with a school, then before the holidays kick in we have a host of ideas to get stuck into - like our Bird Feeder Experiment
  • The BTO’s What’s Under your Feet is aimed at schools, specifically those with a playing field and a shovel! By digging up a small patch of the playing field to look at invertebrate life within, schools and contributing to a citizen science on a large scale.

On the beach

Springwatch 2018 Seabird Count
In the last few years we have seen a decline in the British seabird population. There's evidence of widespread decline in the number of chicks fledging - which may be driving this decline in breeding population size. There's also evidence of changes in food availability which could also be affecting this. But to understand the reasons more fully, a complete census is needed - and this is where you come in.

We need your help in documenting the seabirds near you. Any involvement, whether it's identifying a new site, counting a colony or coordinating volunteer efforts, is hugely important in supporting our magnificent seabirds.

More information

Finally, if you're lucky enough to see seals this year, take a photograph but remember to keep your distance and watch wildlife responsibly. These tips from the Cornish Wildlife Trust are here to help!

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