To celebrate 60 years of TV in Scotland we've dipped into the archive to find great clips from drama, comedy, music and history programming at BBC Scotland.

This is a continuity graphic from days gone by. The eagle-eyed among you will notice we've squeezed the latest BBC Scotland logo into the centre circle.


  • Who is Rab C Nesbitt? (Rab C Nesbitt) — Catch up on Rab's last 21 years. His illustrious C.V. includes his roles as husband, father, best mate, work shy slob and all round nutter.

  • Electro Justice (Chewin' the Fat) — Jack and Victor receive a parcel containing the Electro Justice Sting Charger 2.

  • Adventure Call (Limmy's Show) — Internet sensation Limmy’s classic character Falconhoof deals with a highly suspicious caller.

  • Single Ladies (Gary: Tank Commander) — Gary is Beyonce, as the boys recreate Single Ladies, at their base camp in Afghanistan.

  • Voice-activated Elevator (Burnistoun) — Iain Connell and Robert Florence star in a classic skit about a lift that doesn't speak Scottish. Freedom!


  • Hen Night Tensions (Down Among the Big Boys, 1993) — The detective son of an upright police sergeant is about to marry the daughter (Ashley Jensen) of a wealthy and compulsive thief called JoJo (Billy Connolly).

  • The Workings of a Slab Boy (The Slab Boys, 1979) — John Byrne's semi-autobiographical tale set in a Paisley carpet factory in the late 1950's.

  • Dancefloor Mayhem (Phoo Action, 2008) — High-action exploits of Buddhist Kung-Fu law enforcement officer Terry Phoo and feisty teen-rebel turned super-hero Whitey Action. (Jaime Winston)

  • Rating the Radio Show (Takin' Over the Asylum, 1994) — A professional DJ (Ken Stott) agrees to resurrect the radio station in a mental hospital and realises that not all the lunatics are on the inside. Also stars David Tennant.

  • Late for the Funeral (The Crow Road, 1996) — Adaptation of Iain Bank’s dark and witty novel. Starring Jospeh McFadden, Bill Paterson, Peter Capaldi and Dougray Scott.


  • Orbital – RockNess 2009 — Performances of their classic tracks Satan and Chime live at the music festival at Inverness.


  • Skara Brae — Skara Brae was established by Neolithic inhabitants of Scotland who had adapted from nomadic hunter-gatherers to become settled communities based on agriculture and trade.

  • William Wallace is betrayed and captured — Betrayed John de Mentieth, Wallace is handed over to the English before being transported to London to stand trial for his 'crimes'. Video: A history of Scotland: Bishop Makes King.

  • The Cyldebank Blitz — Over the nights of the 13th and 14th March 1941 Clydebank, Glasgow, was repeatedly bombed in a sustained campaign that resulted in hundreds of casualties. Video: Reporting Scotland, 2009.