Archive clips

To celebrate 60 years of TV in Scotland we've dipped into the archive to find great clips from drama, comedy, music and history programming at BBC Scotland.

This is a continuity graphic from days gone by. The eagle-eyed among you will notice we've squeezed the latest BBC Scotland logo into the centre circle.


  • Who is Rab C Nesbitt? (Rab C Nesbitt) — Catch up on Rab's last 21 years. His illustrious C.V. includes his roles as husband, father, best mate, work shy slob and all round nutter.

  • Electro Justice (Chewin' the Fat) — Jack and Victor receive a parcel containing the Electro Justice Sting Charger 2.

  • Adventure Call (Limmy's Show) — Internet sensation Limmy’s classic character Falconhoof deals with a highly suspicious caller.

  • Single Ladies (Gary: Tank Commander) — Gary is Beyonce, as the boys recreate Single Ladies, at their base camp in Afghanistan.

  • Voice-activated Elevator (Burnistoun) — Iain Connell and Robert Florence star in a classic skit about a lift that doesn't speak Scottish. Freedom!


  • Hen Night Tensions (Down Among the Big Boys, 1993) — The detective son of an upright police sergeant is about to marry the daughter (Ashley Jensen) of a wealthy and compulsive thief called JoJo (Billy Connolly).

  • The Workings of a Slab Boy (The Slab Boys, 1979) — John Byrne's semi-autobiographical tale set in a Paisley carpet factory in the late 1950's.

  • Dancefloor Mayhem (Phoo Action, 2008) — High-action exploits of Buddhist Kung-Fu law enforcement officer Terry Phoo and feisty teen-rebel turned super-hero Whitey Action. (Jaime Winston)

  • Rating the Radio Show (Takin' Over the Asylum, 1994) — A professional DJ (Ken Stott) agrees to resurrect the radio station in a mental hospital and realises that not all the lunatics are on the inside. Also stars David Tennant.

  • Late for the Funeral (The Crow Road, 1996) — Adaptation of Iain Bank’s dark and witty novel. Starring Jospeh McFadden, Bill Paterson, Peter Capaldi and Dougray Scott.


  • Orbital – RockNess 2009 — Performances of their classic tracks Satan and Chime live at the music festival at Inverness.


  • Skara Brae — Skara Brae was established by Neolithic inhabitants of Scotland who had adapted from nomadic hunter-gatherers to become settled communities based on agriculture and trade.

  • William Wallace is betrayed and captured — Betrayed John de Mentieth, Wallace is handed over to the English before being transported to London to stand trial for his 'crimes'. Video: A history of Scotland: Bishop Makes King.

  • The Cyldebank Blitz — Over the nights of the 13th and 14th March 1941 Clydebank, Glasgow, was repeatedly bombed in a sustained campaign that resulted in hundreds of casualties. Video: Reporting Scotland, 2009.