The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension


Jackie is the first woman to be seen converted into a Cyberman in the television series. Female Cybermen don't appear to be physically any different to their male counterparts, and aren't referred to as Cyberwomen. Until Torchwood, that is.

Fat Controller

A Cybercontroller, recognisable by its larger than normal cranium, also featured in the stories The Tomb Of The Cybermen (1967) and Attack Of The Cybermen (1985).

Attack Of The Cybermen

The Doctor suggests attacking the Cybus factory in Battersea Power station at three points: "Above, between, below." This is a reference to the ancient Gallifreyan nursery rhyme (citing three possible entrances to the Tomb of Rassilon) quoted by the Second Doctor in The Five Doctors (1983).

Just Good Friends

A scene deleted from the final cut of the episode but offered as an extra in the Series Two box set revealed that Ricky and Jake were in a relationship.

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