Travel writer Brian Gulliver is a former BBC presenter.

Born in Surrey in 1965, (although more recently based in Muswell Hill due to his divorce), he has a fondness for rich foods, including cheese, cake and whisky and finds these are best accompanied by a good book, which he’ll most likely only ever finish a chapter of. He's also fond of playing the spoons.

Brian left the BBC after an incident on location, where he had sex with one of the wives of a tribal chief. He claims he was offered the wife, was really only being offered a second helping of goat's bladder.

In 2006, Brian disappeared. He claims to have been on board flight B109 to Rio. (The plane also mysteriously disappeared.) At the time of his trip, Brian was on a mission to find a new tribe in the Amazon and had convinced a newspaper he knew how to find it. In actual fact, he had invented the tribe during a drunken session at the pub.

On the anniversary of his disappearance the Daily Mail wrote that 'Brian Gulliver is probably on a massive bender and will re-emerge when he has run out of money, women, or luck'. Meanwhile, a popular theory posted on the forums of the internet speculated that Brian had been abducted by aliens.

Six years after his disappearance, Brian was found in a beach in Shoreham. He was wearing part of a dress. He has since been admitted to a mental hospital in Highgate, north London and claims to have been travelling in an undiscovered continent he is calling Clafenia.

Brian’s daughter, 21-year-old trainee journalist Rachel, has become a regular visitor of her father’s. Able to operate with the press at a distance, due to her father’s ‘officially ill’ status, the anthropology graduate has been helping piece together the six years of Brian’s alleged adventures in Clafenia.

Many of the unexplored places Brian describes to Rachel are extreme versions of our own world, or the society we might become. Brian believes that these may serve as a warning to Mankind.

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